Joan Jett didn’t give a damn about her reputation, but applying that attitude to your brand’s business reputation online could result in disastrous effects. Don’t worry, though, there are simple ways to find out what people are saying behind your brand’s back online.

Don’t let your brand be the odd girl out.


Avoid Internet Bullies

The Internet is as fickle as a 13-year-old girl. Figuratively speaking, it can be sweet and post hearts around your brand name showering it with love and glowing reports; conversely, it can be nothing short of evil in its efforts to destroy a brand’s reputation via online reviews, social media, bulletin boards, etc. Thankfully, online reputation management exists as a way to thwart this activity.

Free Methods to Help Protect a Brand’s Business Reputation Online

Set up Google Alerts: This is a free service that sends an email each time a result comes up featuring whichever key words were entered for a specific business or brand. By subscribing to Google Alerts via RSS anything and everything mentioning your brand will be emailed as soon as it appears online.

Browse Social Mention:Social Mention works in a similar fashion to Google Alerts, but it also allows for real-time results to be seen. By entering specific terms to track, Social Mention will monitor the web for the terms and generate an email with results. The program’s “select social media sources” option allows for conversations happening on a variety of social media channels regarding the brand in question to be seen.

Keep Current with Kurrently:Kurrently is another free tool for online reputation tracking. To use this tool, brand managers can host a Twitter chat and use the program to follow the conversation. From there, Kurrently shows users how the conversation continues along other social media channels.

These free tools are beneficial and a must-have for any business or brand regardless of Internet activity. After all, even without a strong web presence, consumers, competitors, and every Tom, Dick and Harry out there in the blogosphere has the ability to post anything they want about your brand. Staying ahead of the game is what it’s about in the world of online reputation management.

Hiring Reputation Trackers

Sometimes it’s necessary to ramp up the watchful eye on the Internet for things being said about a brand. Paying for an online reputation management service means that someone else is constantly monitoring the web for any form of negativity and dealing with it swiftly.

According to the online reputation management company,, users will benefit from having top results in Google free from unfair news articles, hostile forum comments, disparaging blog posts, outdated legal issues, exaggerated reviews, and blatant smear campaigns.

Be a Part of the Good Crowd

Keeping a brand’s reputation out of the gutter is a necessity into today’s world. Things posted online last forever, so make sure what’s out there reflects the true message behind the brand and parent company. Don’t let the 13-year-old girls of the Internet world bully your brand.


Dana Rasmussen is an author who writes about a variety of topics including arts and entertainment, social media, marketing trends and online reputation management.


Monitoring Your Brand’s Business Reputation Online – Some simple ways to find out what everyone else thinks