There are a lot of cybercrimes being committed today. Criminals have learned to use the technology they have available to them in order to attack individuals and businesses of any size. Some of these can cause a financial loss while others can lead to the distribution of children’s pornographic images on the Internet.


Fraud is one of the most popular cybercrimes. Consumers and companies alike can be the victim of fraud – it is simply what account a criminal is able to access. When a cybercriminal gets behind the scenes, they can find credit card numbers, bank account numbers, Social Security numbers and much more.

Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is where cybercriminals steal money from their victims. This can be hundreds of dollars or even thousands. Many small businesses who do not sufficiently protect themselves from fraud can find themselves with no other choice but to close their doors. Some examples of financial fraud include the use of email scams as well as hacking into bank accounts.

Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is where cybercriminals access personal data and pretend to be their victims. This allows them to go in and use credit card numbers and even create new accounts using the personal information of the victims. This leads to the criminal being able to charge many different things and often the victim is unaware of it – until the bills start coming in.

Computer Trespassing

Trespassing is another cybercrime where a person is able to either hijack an Internet connection to get free Internet or to go into a person’s actual computer or server. When a cybercriminal trespasses on a computer, they are able to pull files off the computer or even implant viruses and other malware to pull information off the computer periodically.

Information Warfare

Of all the different cybercrimes, information warfare is the most complex as well as the most large-scale. It involves jamming signals or hijacking accounts so that a user or company is unable to access their computers, networks or even websites. For example, a DDoS attack on a website is a distributed denial of service which swamps a website with so many computers that it is no longer able to operate, which can cost a company a significant amount of money because of a loss of business.

Bullying and Stalking

This last crime, bullying and stalking, is becoming more and more popular with individuals rather than businesses. People have learned how to use technology to take bullying and stalking to another level. This can not only lead to cruel messages being posted on social media sites but also sending inappropriate images to their emails and even impersonating them on the social media sites in order to provide a global level of embarrassment.

Stalkers are often able to get personal information to help with the stalking from the victims themselves. When a victim passes on their occupation, address or other personal information, it gives the stalker more access to the individual.

With so many cybercrimes taking place, it’s important for individuals and businesses to learn and know how to protect themselves.

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Most Popular Cybercrimes Today