Social media trends change more than Kim Kardashian’s shoes. The landscape of social media for businesses is a lot like the wild west. It’s an industry in its booming infancy, but the “laws of the land” are yet to be defined. This leaves businesses racing to leverage every possible, profitable nook and cranny they can find online. Thirty eight percent of CEOs dog ear social media as a high priority in their market spend, according to This number doesn’t seem to be going down any time soon. With so many businesses in a frenzy toward the top of the social media game, how do you make your business stand out? There isn’t a magic equation that can ignite your profits like a wildfire. Social media success is more like a cultivated, tilled field than a viral windfall. It is an art just as much as it is a science. When you hit the ground running with your social media campaign, what will your “crops” look like?

Digital Media Jumps Int​o Real World

Social-media expert Lilach Bullock reminds us that social media is not a strategy, it’s a channel in which to unveil your strategy. Engaging your target audience via event and discount promotions is an effective jumping point for social media strategy. First, generate their interest by teasing them with real-life rewards for attending your event. Then, be ready to follow through with a smile and a business card, which you can print for less than you’d think (they come in handy at every business event, and can further promote your social media).

When your target audience has gotten to know you, your product and what you stand for, clever social media outreach will have a stronger, sharable impact.

Keep Your Message, Play with Your Tone

A study by Nielson research reveals that consumers’ trust in advertising is nearly extinct. Your audience is more impenetrable than ever before, no matter how clever your slogan might be. The survey also revealed that 90 percent of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends or family, which leaves only 10 percent affected by online advertising.

For your social media plan, this means that your outreach needs to reflect more than cleverness. Social media outreach should be careful, slow reflection of who you are. Build trust by taking advantage of the art of conversation. You can even enlist your audience in your decision making process by asking them what they think of your brand, or even ask for suggestions.

Blogs Ahoy

If your business doesn’t already have a blog, create one immediately. Content marketing is the wave of the future. Blog articles are a perfect venue for you to show off your content. Studies in user behavior have shown that customers will search for insight into an industry before they will make any buying or loyalty decisions. The number of sources users reference before buying continues to rise, and every piece of content you put out there increases your chance of being one of those sources.


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