Whether you are an online marketer, or you use online marketing for your business, you need to be aware of some of the big marketing trends for this year. These are some of the top online marketing trends for 2013, and what you can do to catch up with these trends:

The rising importance of mobile

There is a growing audience of people who get online primarily through their mobile phones, and may never touch traditional computers. So it is important to reach that market. To do so, you might want to run ads on mobile phones, like on games or apps, as well as elsewhere on the phones. You also should make sure that your web site is optimized for mobile phones. If your site is unreadable on a smartphone, you could potentially lose readers and customers.

The increasing use of Google +

If you don’t already have a Google + account for yourself, you should. And it goes without saying that you need one for your business, especially if you are a brick and mortar company. That is because Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, is using Google + pages in search results, like when people search for a particular keyword and location.

In addition, Google is starting to use author rank – your personal Google + account, and where you have had articles published – in its ranking systems.  And Google + is steadily rising in popularity. It has recently overtaken Twitter in worldwide popularity. So SEO companies are recommending that you get your Google + accounts going  — now.

The popularity of gamification

You remember how excited you get when you get an award while playing an online game?  Or when “Seinfeld” character George Costanza wanted to preserve his initials on a Frogger leaderboard – forever? That’s kind of the idea behind gamification – to use the excitement you get from winning in games and translate them to online products, to increase your engagement. Things like getting free things for being a frequent customer can also fit into this category.   Sites like Fitocracy are helping to make being healthy more fun by giving “awards” to those who work out a lot. Why not think about how gamification can help you attract more customers?

Big data gets bigger

Data analytics is becoming bigger than ever, with analysts like Nate Silver becoming as popular as rock stars. There are so many real-world uses for big data that can potentially help you market better to customers.  So why not think about what data could best help your business?

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Online Marketing Trends For 2013