It is morning. You’ve just drunk your first cup of coffee of the day. You walk to your mailbox. Along with today’s paper there is a stack of letters. You flip through them and you realize that one of them is a check. But you don’t remember having done anything to earn in. This must be a mistake. You leave the stack, still wondering about the money and turn on your computer and go through the day’s mail and then it strikes you. You’d ticked some survey forms!

Sounds easy right? Something that is only possible in the world of TV shows and fairy tales and so on and so forth. Let’s get back to the real world. Could this be possible?


Opinions matter and not all of them fetch you money. Paid surveys do. In a competitive market, companies are eager to become more successful than their competitors. Millions of dollars are spent in market research.  One way of getting an edge over the others is by knowing exactly what the consumers want and working towards it. If consumers get what they want from a product or service (which includes heath, education, and other government organizations even), they wouldn’t go to anyone else. Thus in order to understand the market’s needs, wants and other opinions companies are willing to pay.  Hence participating in a survey is a quick and easy way to make money for anyone and everyone.

What qualifications and how much money can you make?

  • I hear you asking what qualifications you need for filling a survey.
  • Honestly the only qualification you need to participate in a survey is your ability of expressing your thought about a product or service.
  • If questions frighten you then let us prepare you for what a survey generally inquires:
  1. Do you like a product/service? Do you dislike it? Why? How do you think it can change?
  • Sounds easy? It is! You don’t require great skill, or expertise on anything to earn the money that the companies are willing to give you for participating in their surveys.
  • A lot of companies pay you handsome amounts for your willingness to take part in elaborate surveys.
  • A simple online survey can fetch you about seventy five bucks, and if you are willing to give them some time from your busy life  to ask you questions on the phone, they can give you a hundred and fifty bucks per call.
  • If you are willing to join a focus group, you could earn two hundred and fifty.

Are there no risks?

But take care for things that come easy have their risks. You have to be careful of being scammed. Since a lot of companies ask you your personal details, you must think twice before giving it to them since there are high risks of identity thefts. A lot of websites even ask you to pay a fee in order to access a survey; this could be a scam to extort funds from you.

Whenever you are asked to participate in surveys or when you go looking at websites for them, take a moment to consider whether or not it sounds or feel like a fake. You’re your master and it’s prudent to take a wise call before jumping the gun and taking a survey for anyone.

Jonathan Brown is a freelance writer and likes to earn money through various online resources; most part of his income coming from online surveys.

Online Surveys Are A Great Way To Make Quick Money And Give Opinions