Pay per click campaign is one of the best methods to promote a website. There are many benefits of using this campaign. You can attract customers directly from the campaign. In this campaign, you pay what you get for. It means that the advertisers need to pay for any clicks on the advertisement. This PPC campaign is usually offered by search engine, such as Google. They will show the advertised websites on the first page. The website owners do not have to deal with doing search engine optimization (SEO) process to get visitors from this campaign.

Many people believe that the pay per click (PPC) campaign is more effective than the search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. SEO needs good amount of patience, time, and techniques, while the PPC campaign can be set up within one day. You will get visitors once you are done setting up your advertising campaign. In this article, there are some tips on how to create an effective PPC campaign. You can also read some mistakes that you should avoid when creating a PPC campaign.

1. What is the main topic or keyword of your website?

This is the first question that needs to be asked when you want to create a new PPC campaign. You need to understand the main topic of your website. In the PPC campaign, you have to decide what keyword or topic that you will use for promoting your website.

2. Use Google Keyword Tool

This free tool is very effective to help you decide the best keywords or topics of your websites. You can just simply login to your Google AdWords account to use this free keyword tool. Many people put their website URL in the given field and click the “Get Keyword Idea” button. As the result, they are able to see all relevant keywords for your websites.

3. Select the best keyword

After finding some relevant keywords for your website, it is important to select the best keyword wisely. Choose keyword that has high search volume but low average cost per click (CPC). The average CPC shows you the average cost that you have to pay every time your website is clicked. It is important to select the keyword with low CPC, otherwise you will spend too much money on the PPC campaign.

4. Set up the campaign

Now, it is the perfect time for you to create the PPC campaign. You only need to follow the instruction to create the best PPC campaign for your websites. Put all of your desired keywords on the campaign. Do not forget to set your budget to make sure that you do not spend too much money on your PPC campaign.

There are some basic mistakes that people usually do when setting up the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. Here are some of those basic mistakes.

1. Forget to analyze the result

Most of them do not analyze the result of the campaign. In order to create an effective campaign, you need to create several campaigns to promote your websites. Then, you should create an A/B tests to compare your campaigns. This step is very important to get the most benefits of doing PPC campaign.

2. Do not set up the budget limit

Many beginners forget to set up the budget limit in this Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. This can make people spend too much money on the campaign. That is the reason why you need to limit your budget in your campaign.

3. Do not analyze the keywords first

Keyword searching is one of the most important steps in doing PPC campaign. There are many keywords that have high search volume, but they have low cost per click (CPC). You should choose those keywords because they are perfect for your Pay Per Click campaign.

Overview about Pay per Click Campaigns