SEO is one of the most heard words these days. This is a technique which is used for improving the websites and increasing the traffic to them and thereby increasing the traffic to them. There are a large number of SEO apps for android phones let us see some important ones among them.

1. mAnalytics: This is the best app for your android phone and the fact that it is user friendly has made it popular all over the world. People who are using computers these days say that they are checking their Google analytics data with the help of this simple app. You can log in to your account automatically. This is the simplest way of logging in because you needn’t to enter your username and password each and every time you open this app. You can get access to your data quickly with the help of this wonderful app. If you want to remove all the ads that you see here in this app, all that you need to pay is just $1.36.

2. SECockpit: This is another important app which helps you to do your intended task very quickly by researching on every keyword. Put any keyword that you want to do research on in this app and you will be able to get all the details related to that keyword. In that sense, it is the simplest software available for you to do that job. If you have a Smartphone in your hand, you can do research on any keyword no matter wherever you are located.

3. PhoneMyPC:
Strictly speaking, this is not a SEO app. But it is still of a lot of use for people for running various apps on your phone. You might be having a large number of files on your computer and not knowing which ones are useful among them and which ones are there simply, without helping you in any way. You may need some of them at a particular time and you will not know how to carry them. Definitely you can’t carry your computer wherever you go. This new app helps you to get access your desired file with the help of Smartphone. All that you have to do is to connect your phone to the computer and access the files from computer.

4. Other important SEO apps: Even though the above said three apps are the most important apps that we use in our mobile phones; don’t think that they are the only three apps that are available for us. There are a large, number of such apps which help us to do different things on our computer. There are SMETab, SEO Pro, SEO SERP and many other wonderful apps which help you to incorporate all the basic features that you need on your phone and there are many other combinations of different apps that help you to achieve your intended tasks.

So in the world of SEO apps, select some of the best apps in the world for your phone and install them in your phones.

Author bio- This post has been written by Johne Prantel. He loves to share knowledge about SEO and Internet Marketing. He works for SEO Company in New Yo

SEO Apps for Android Phones