SEO Overkill

Many website owners are focusing on the wrong aspects of their SEO and finding it difficult to climb the rankings in Google for their targeted keywords or even losing valuable rankings. SEO is not complicated and you should not focus on just one aspect as most people do, usually link building. There are 3 parts of your SEO that need constant attention; if you maintain these parts correctly, your rankings will start to increase and most importantly, hold their positioning. Below are the main 3 criteria you should focus on and how you should work on them.

Onsite SEO

Going into 2013 your onsite SEO is more important than ever; everything needs to be correct without the risk of spamming your keywords on each page. To get the best results I suggest focusing on just 3 keywords per web page. This will keep your SEO look natural and at the same time encourage you to add more web pages with quality content for more keywords.

Forget keyword density, Google has not paid any attention to this for over 5 years now. You do not need to keep repeating your keywords over and over again, keep your content looking natural and easy to read. Include your keywords twice within your content at the same keep it easy to read. Make your keywords bold and italic to send small signals to Google showing they are the keywords you want to be ranked for.

Your images are a great way of promoting your keywords so use them as ALT tags. If you have multiple images on your page make sure you do not keep repeating the same keyword in your ALT tags, use quality supporting keywords instead.


Adding quality content to your website on a daily basis is great for your SEO and its what Google wants to see happening with websites today. The best way of adding content to your website is through a blog. You can write your blog about anything, recent work for a client, latest news in your industry or a ‘how to guide’. Make sure the content you write is 100% unique and of high value, think, is this something you would want to read and search for on Google? Try and link out to a relevant website such as a good tool that will help a reader. Linking out to trustworthy, relevant websites increases your web page popularity with Google.

Link Building

Link building is usually the SEO overkill, and is performed wrong 9 times out of 10. This is the least valuable aspect of your SEO in 2013. Avoid link directories, they are pretty much dead now and Google pays no attention to them, meaning they will pay no attention to your link. Try and focus on guest blogging and ask a relevant website to publish your blog on their website with your keyword in your post. You will receive a better quality backlink from doing this. As mentioned above in the blogging section, linking out to great relevant content, remember this will happen to you to. The better content you write and the most useful it is to the user, people will see that and add a link back to you. This way your link building will almost run on autopilot.

The main thing to remember with your SEO is to keep everything looking natural. Do not try and take short cuts or trick the search engines, as you will get caught out at some point. Simply follow the above suggestions.

Kev Massey is the SEO Director at seo3D and has been in the SEO industry for over 9 years and strives to help small companies have a presence on the Internet.

SEO Overkill