SEO Tips for E Commerce Websites

Shopping and the Web. They go together like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Well, maybe not quite, but Internet shopping or E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industry in the world.

It’s fairly easy to set up an e-commerce website and sell almost anything from flowers to diamonds on the Internet. Search through the shopping section of Google or Yahoo and you can see the huge variety of products that are available to buy online.

When shopping online, maximum no of potential customers use Search Engines, mainly Google, Yahoo or Bing. That’s why it is very important for e-commerce website owner that his site is visible to search engines. If your web site is not search engine friendly and shopping cart is not optimized for Search Engines, then you have to go for expensive advertising programs or “pay-per-click” campaigns.

Following are some SEO Tips for E-commerce sites to boost their search rankings

  • Optimize only content pages not the administrative pages.
  • Try to provide some useful content, don’t only go with images.
  • Focus on singular keyword or keyword phrase per content page
  • Use unique page title and meta description for each product page.
  • Place the keyword in the “meta keywords” area.
  • Use your page title as H1.
  • Increase your keyword density in the body text reasonably.
  • Use keywords in URLs instead of useless ID’s or other parameters
  • Use alt tags for all the product images
  • Create all products RSS feed and submit it to relevant content aggregators
  • Choose a search engine friendly shopping cart system.
  • Use consistent navigation for your website
  • Use category and sub category landing pages for better search engine visibility.
  • Create a good html sitemap not only useful for search engines but also for visitors
  • Update you product page frequently to increase crawling rate.

Once gone through above seo tips your e-commerce website is not only search engine friendly but also become user friendly.

SEO Tips for E Commerce Websites