Social Media has really gone from being a simple tool to communicate with lost friends and relatives to a powerful, efficient, and influential online marketing tool. Almost all companies in the United States have already adopted a Social Media marketing campaign for their brands and services.

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so far are the biggest, most effective Social Networks that are most popular to people all over the world. Because of this, most companies have invested a lot in mounting campaigns for these outlets. However, other Social Networking sites like Instagram, Foursquare, and others are also emerging as users are steadily growing.

So you’ve got all of the Social Networks that you can utilize to mount your online marketing campaigns on. As a newbie, you might be wondering, where do you start with your social media campaign? Here are some of the key areas of opportunity that you have been maxing out to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your campaign.

Google+, Google Places, and Google Authorship

We all know that Google is the most-trusted search engine the world over. That is why if you want to reach as much audience as you would, you’d definitely want to be tops in Google. Banking on their success in the search engine, Google launched their very own services that could be very useful to people. Google+, their very own social networking service makes full utilization of their search services, making it easier for you to be discovered with just a simple search. Google Authorship, a service combined to the Google+ platform is also a great help for SEOs for the sites containing your content can now be easily indexed and displayed in Google’s search results. Finally, Google Places, their local listing service puts your business in the map, (Google Maps, specifically) and makes it easier for your products and services to be searched in Google. The Google+ platform is the SEO-friendly social networking service that lets you hit two (could be more actually) services in one collective thrust. Though Google+ is still trailing to Facebook in terms of penetration and success, the promise that this platform offers is just hard to ignore. If you think about maximizing your reach, this Google platform should be on the top of your list.

Alt Tags

This is one of the most overlooked things by website marketing managers that are so much into the contents of the site or meta tags. These simple additions give so much potential which could dramatically help you get indexed in Google Images that could easily bring more traffic into your site. While more traffic doesn’t always equate to conversion, as an old phrase says, “the more entries you have, the more chances of winning”. The same principle could be applied here. The more visitors your site has, the more chances of making them clients of your product or service. Even simple icons like “Follow us on Twitter”, “Like our Facebook Page”, and the likes have so much potential. If anything it engages visitors to your Social Media campaigns. More than that, the social network name and company name can help you get searched more on search engines.

Fill your page up with add links to your accounts

Whether its social networking sites or review sites, putting your links on pages helps attract more traffic on your social networking accounts, which could lead to (you guessed it right again), conversion.

Social Media and SEO campaigns can be complex. But it is the simple things that matter most. They are the easiest to do, yet they yield the most results. So as you go and plan your SEO and Social Media Marketing campaigns, try to keep these things in mind. Who needs desperate measures when you have the simple, no-brainer tools to help give your biz that much needed thrust on the net.

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Simple Points of Opportunities for your Social Media and SEO campaigns