The tablet market is enjoying good uptrend for a few last months and it seems that soon it will replace a significant portion of overall volume of PCs installed in homes. Though the future is unpredictable, but the current growth rate strongly indicates that this assumption can come true some day. This excellent growth of Android market is eating up the share of iPads from the mobile market. Lots of people will find it a bit strange and will try to pick a fight about it that iPads are unmatched. It’s really true that iPads feature some very distinct qualities but a single product can’t be a perfect choice for all the people on the planet. Even the best of the products have competition. The same holds true for iPads.

If you are also among those who don’t hold iPads in high regards, you can choose from several Android devices which are touching new heights in the market everyday. Here are three best available alternatives to iPad.

1)      Google Nexus 7- Asus, a Taiwanese company, introduced a device named Google Nexus having Android as the operating system in July, 2012. In fact, the version of Android used in this device, 4.1, was used for the first time in this device. Later, this version was replaced with 4.2.2 in February, 2013. This version is known as Jelly Bean. Viewing the features of the device, it’s price is quite low. Consumers displayed immense craze for the device and the popularity still doesn’t seem to diminish in the near future.

Nexus 7 features 7 inch touch screen. These devices are WI-FI enabled, which can easily be connected to the internet without any wires. As obvious, for easy file transfer, all good tablets are having Bluetooth connectivity nowadays. But beware, if you want this tablet to use as a phone, you need to look for another option. This tab doesn’t come with the SIM card facility. Absence of SIM card slot is the only shortcoming in this device.

2)      Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1- Samsung is the company which has reaped maximum benefits from Android platforms. This company can be termed as the king of Android devices. The best product of the company to compete with iPads is Galaxy Tab 10.1. The device is selling like hot cakes in all parts of the world. The operating system of the tab is Android’s 3.1 version. This version  is nicknamed as Honeycomb. Honeycomb is an operating system developed for tablets only.

When it comes to memory; this device is available in three variants; i.e. 16, 32 and 64 GB. It’s a touch screen device which features a wide screen display. The best thing with this tab is that if you want its operating system to upgrade from Honeycomb to Icecream Sandwich, you simply can. Convenience of Android and assurance of Samsung, what else a buyer want.

3)      Kindle Fire HD- Amazon, the biggest online shopping store in the world, created a buzz in the tab world in September, 2012 with the launch of the first variant of Kindle Fire HD. It comes with Android 4.0 as operating system. These tabs are successors of Kindle Fire and are way better than them in several respects.

These devices come in two variants based on the sizes of their screens, 7” and 8.9”. The memory capacity of these phones may vary from 16 to 64 GB. The only limitation in this device is that it holds 1.3 MP camera. Cameras below 2.0 MP are not considered good these days. Except this thing, these tabs are absolutely flawless to buy.

4)      Barnes and Nobel Nook HD- Barnes and Nobel needs no introduction. It’s one of the largest bookseller companies in the world. The company has tried its hand in the tab market also and the results are really wonderful.  The tables offered by the company are Nook HD. These tablets offered by Barnes and Noble are creating stiff competition for tablets offered by almost all the companies. These tablets operate on 4.0.3 version of Android.

It comes with memory capacities of 8 or 16 GB. It features a 7 inch screen. Like all other Android devices, it’s WI-Fi enabled allowing users to connect to internet conveniently. This phone can be a good alternative for iPads.

5)      Google Nexus 10- This tab from Google is developed in collaboration with Samsung. No doubt that this multinational giant from South Korea is best at developing Android devices. That’s the reason, Google teamed up with Samsung to create this fantastic tablet. Google and Samsung, The team was definitely bound to make an exceptional product. So, the Nexus 10 is proving to be a smash hit. The tab is equipped with Android 4.2.2, Jelly Bean.

You can find these tabs in 16 and 32 GB memory storage capacities. The size of the screens of these tabs is 10.01 inches. It is fitted with 5 MP camera which ensures utmost clarity in all the pictures shot. All in all, it’s a magnificent product from Google.

6)      Asus Transformer Pad Infinity- This device from Asus is one of the most innovative tablets launched so far. It’s also known as TFT700T. The version of Android used for this tablet is 4.1.1. It supposes to be one of the cheapest alternatives to iPads. It offers very high resolution screen which makes it a better choice for those who want their tabs to look fascinating all the times.

The chassis of the tab is built with metal which ensures a long life and low maintenance costs. But the weight of the device is as light as 606 grams which doesn’t let any conveniences in carrying the device to come across.

We can’t deny the fact that iPads are unique in many ways and their popularity is exceptional but there’s one more fact that these products are highly expensive. So, for those who don’t want to invest so much in tablets, above devices may be quite suitable. These tablets are studded with so many features that you can have all the fun that you can expect from iPads.

This post has been contributed by Pushpendra Shukla, working as Sr. Associate – Internet Marketing with Moability, a company providing Android App Development services in India.

 Six Best Android Gadgets That can Be Alternative To iPads