Social media has completely revolutionized the way that businesses brand themselves to consumers. With an influx of information and advertisements, it has become increasingly important for marketers to ensure that their potential customers become acquainted with their business in an engaging and compelling manner. Therefore, in order to spur business in the digital age it is necessary to move away from the antiquated marketing systems of the past and start challenging your potential customers with fun and engaging content. If this is done properly, they will find the information valuable and want to share it with others.

The Old Way of Doing Business

Businesses used to brand themselves in a myriad of different ways that are now becoming antiquated. The strange paradox is that while many of the old strategies still work, they are becoming less cost effective than applications within the social media scene. Therefore, marketers still operating in the old ways are becoming less competitive, since those who have branded themselves by utilizing technology are pricing them out of the market. In doing so, new businesses can gain a competitive pricing advantage or enjoy a greater profit margin.


Billboards and signs remain an effective way to brand a business by reaching customers, but those operating under the antiquated system of marketing will find some problems advertising this way. Because of the physical nature of these billboards, they must occupy a particular space; however, the spots that are visited by a high number of people carry a hefty price tag. Therefore, businesses that want to claim a piece of market share are forced to start their advertising campaigns on the fringes of cities and along less traveled roads. Unfortunately, the prices for these spots are still fairly expensive.

Yet savvy business owners that effectively utilize technology find that they are able to place digital banners on a variety of different websites for a lot cheaper than physical billboards. Additionally, these banners can be posted on websites that attract the same targeted demographic to which the business caters. Not only can this type of branding save money, but it can also put the bulk of advertising resources to work on the correct demographic. Those who take advantage of this strategy are more cost effective and efficient.

Direct Mailings

A direct mailing strategy used to be standard in the marketing industry, yet with the advent of email, it has largely become a thing of the past. Additionally, many governments have allowed citizens to enroll on “do not mail” lists. Once enrolled, direct mailing companies are prohibited from sending unsolicited advertising to the person’s residence.

Inevitably, this has created a great opportunity for those businesses that are interested in branding themselves on the Internet. Savvy business owners can begin a branding campaign on the Internet with a small initial investment in order to get their name out to customers. Many social media platforms offer a program where businesses can pay a small fee for each time their business is shown to users. Then the business can create an advertisement and link it to some quality content on their site.

From there, the social media outlet will show the advertisement to the specifically chosen target demographic, and it will appear to different end users that are browsing the platform. Doing this allows a company to have instant access to millions of people and gain the branding recognition they need to effectively claim a large piece of market share.

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Social Media: Branding Yourself In The Digital Age