So what’s the best way to spread the word? The answer is social media. Products have a better chance to be seen by the masses if you invest your time into online promotion.

You don’t necessarily need to fork out for a crack team of digital professionals, but a little bit of know how will get you a long way when it comes to promoting your product.

Start off with a platform that you know everyone is using, build up gradually, and before you know it, your product will be going viral.

Set up a Facebook page

You may well be on Facebook on a personal basis, but think about a professionally-linked Facebook page for business. You’ll need an image that best represents your business or your new product and then after a couple of minutes setting up, you’ll be able to link with others and get the message out there about your new product. With social media, products can be marketed fairly simple. You put a bit of work in and then your viewers share your information, therefore taking a lot of the work out of your hands. On Facebook, there are so many people using it that it’s one of the most effective ways to get your product seen.

Tell everyone what you know

You’re the person best placed to tell everyone just how great your product is. After all, you came up with it. If you are enthusiastic about it and push how great it is enough, then everyone else will think it’s great to. You can use networking to spread the word about your product – on Facebook, Twitter, your website (if you have one) and through any other forum you choose. The more you interact online, the more people will hear about what you’ve got to offer.

Look professional

If you were pitching to clients in the real world, you’d wear a suit or smart clothes, dress to impress and create an image that oozes professionalism and know-how. It’s slightly different in the world of cyber-space, but the philosophy remains the same. Rather than wearing a suit, you need your platform of marketing to be smart, professional and easy to read. Think of your online presence as a shop window for people browsing your product.

If you are thinking of, or already have got, your own website, then you need to think about how you present it to people. Are you targeting a corporate market? Are you focusing on young fashions and trends, or are you trying to engage everyone? What you need to know is how your website should look and how it will best appeal to your market. It needs to be clean, smart and edgy if necessary. A good website is a great tool for promoting your products.

Don’t think everyone will love it

There will be people out there who dislike your product, or your business, or just want to make trouble. You need to watch out for people who might slur your reputation by writing inappropriate comments. You could have a system whereby you moderate each comment as it comes in, or you could have to approve a comment before it is published online. It doesn’t take much to upset the applecart in terms of promoting a product so make sure nothing is being said to make you look bad.

Take advice

Too often we plough on with little regard for what we are actually writing online, just so that something is posted that day. It’s worth taking advice on what people what to see on your webpages and social media products, so that you can spend less time doing more targeted work. It might be competitions, forums, polls, picture galleries, or videos that people want to see more of. Talk to friends and family and followers, and find out what they have to say.

Don’t rest on your laurels

When you suddenly find yourself with all these followers it can seem very exciting and as if you’ve made it in the digital world. But remember online followers don’t always equal paying customers so remember to harness the information you learn from digital marketing to develop those online viewers to real-life paying customers. Always keep an eye on how your image is doing online. Don’t forget to always keep a hand in at updating your pages, checking out your competition and seeing what other trends are out there. Once you’ve reached the top of your game in cyber-space you can fall back down to earth with a bang very quickly – it doesn’t take much.

Remember to stay on top, you need to keep ahead of the game, always think about new ideas and new ways to promote yourself- and then social media products will be your best ally.

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