If your New Year’s resolution is to expand your business, then maybe you should be thinking about going international. Doing business on an international scale is not just for multi-nationals. The use of technology has meant that today, small businesses are able to do business internationally.

Many small companies are able to market their products or services to customers all over the world and it is not unusual to find that a company has a wider customer abroad than locally. There are several tips that can help to ensure that you succeed in the global business.

1. Do your homework

Before you expand your business across borders, you need to do your homework. Establish what you need, and determine your goals. You need to be sure that the move is right for your business. Carrying out research will enable you to establish if there is a market for your business out there. Do not let short-term financial gains affect your long-term goals. Explore all the angles to establish if this is the best decision for your business.

2. Start slow

When you do decide to expand, it is a good idea to start slow. If you go all out, you risk losing your local business if the plan fails. Do not over-extend yourself before you know whether the business can succeed overseas. Moving your best staff and all your extra resources before the business is established is not a good idea.

3. Customize

Do not assume that you can operate the same way in a foreign country and get the same results. What works for your local market might not work in a different country. Avoid taking a standardized mindset out there; find out the best way to work to meet the needs of the new market.

4. Consider the culture

You should not underestimate the power that culture has on people’s attitudes, actions and decisions. Things are different in different countries and something that might be acceptable to you might be offensive to people of a different culture. Learn the culture before you get out there.

5. Support services

You need to make sure that you have efficient services. If you need to ship goods on a regular basis, look for a shipping company experienced in overseas shipping, to ensure that your operations run smoothly without interruptions. You also need to find the best local services to carry out day-to-day functions.

When you decide to do business internationally, you need to realize that you will need help. Talk to people experienced in international business who will give you the advice you need.

Taking Your Business From Local To Global