Are you thinking about being a smartphone owner (finally!) in the year 2013? Or maybe you’re thinking about ditching your old smartphone for something flashier and more relevant for this year? Here is a ranking of smartphones which techno-savvy individuals are anxiously anticipating for this year:

Samsung Galaxy S4

This phone has been rumored to be released early this year and individuals who are following the latest trends with regards to smartphones have been extremely excited for the launching of this model since last year. And the release is very strategic marketing-wise since the mobile phone manufacturer is wasting no time releasing this successor to the S3. Part of the features of this latest instalment to the S series is a five-inch display and an Android Jelly Bean operating system.

 iPhone 5s and iPhone 6

The next instalments of the iPhone series are already rumored to be released by this year and some of its “alleged” features have already been leaked, in fact. A French fan site has even posted its apparent casing. While the iPhone 5 is something which fans salivated on, to those with more reasonable heads, they know that the upgrades aren’t really that spectacular which means that either Apple would have to release an iterative upgrade in the form of an iPhone 5s very close to the iPhone 5 release or pull all of the stops for an iPhone 6 release this year.


It seems like the success with the Samsung Note 2 received only stirred HTC to come up with a “phablet” that would rival the former. With the release of the HTC Butterfly in select markets, people are now excited as to what HTC has yet to reveal from its hat of tricks. The HTC M7 is said to feature a full HD display with a quad-core Qualcomm Technology.

 Nokia Lumia 940

Being surpassed by Apple and Samsung, this once mobile phone manufacturing giant is trying to re-gain its mark by releasing its most ambitious smartphone to date. While the Lumia 940 seems more like a concept than an actual model that is set for release, it is expected to have a carbon fiber frame and a huge screen which is enough to get consumers thinking if Nokia could regain the mobile phone manufacturing throne.

Blackberry 10 Touchscreen

Expected to hit the stores by spring of this year, the Blackberry 10 Touchscreen should have better applications, new multimedia access and easier typing options. While Blackberry hasn’t made any splash lately, this model is getting the brand the hype it needs.

Peter Harrington is a tech blogger who writes on behalf of companies such as Protect Your Bubble He enjoys reading and writing about the latest and greatest Android gadgets and apps.

The Best Smartphones To Hit 2013