The Future of SEO: Semantic Search

The old practices of link building with anchor text is coming to an end. Everyday it has less effect in the search results as every SEO Professional can see with their clients.

But wait, what will replace this factor?. We can think of social signals, link age, etc., but for me, it is all about Semantic Search. The important factor here is: Relevance!

Relevance is all about Why?.

For example, if you search for “where is the nearest Wal-Mart?” google might know where I am and help me find the nearest supermarket store for me. But what is really important, is to know why I need a Wal-Mart, it is because I want to buy fast-food, or because I need a new lawn mower or may be I am looking for a DVD Movie for this weekend?.

The final objective of google is to know “why” I’m looking for this search query only so they can show me food offers, movie options or new lawn mower advertisement.

To be prepare, in our Site, we need to use On Page Semantic Optimization. Start by writing good quality content about your peripheral semantic phrases. For example, if your business is about “Car Loans” begin with new content like: “Car Loans in Los Angeles”, “Getting Great Auto Loans” or “Car Loan calculator Payment”.

We absolutely need to build out our relevance to widen the scope of what we are about right now. The main objective is to be present in a greater number of related google queries.

This is not different to how content marketing strategy should be today, but here are good simple reminders points to consider for future semantic engine search’s:

1) Enter in the game of Relevance: Start linking sites authorities in your niche already ranking for the term.

2) Co-ocurrence: We can use many tools online like, our objective needs to be adding in those co-occurred phrases that people are using and looking for online.

3) Proximity: Remember, proximity in our keyword terms are important. The use of synonyms are great for semantic search learning what we are about and also to rank higher in a more variety of search terms. Also important, synonym keyword in our link building strategy is an excellent idea (internal linking too).

Semantic search is just starting, but as we all know, technology is changing even faster everyday. So we need to be aware and ready. We also believe that in the future, we will posting great content without looking just for links, because real marketing is not about links. It is all about connecting people to business with just similar interest and beliefs.

I would like to imaging a future where we do not think about getting links, simply make people aware of a great product I am doing and get them to talk about my business (welcome to the social network era?). That is the way it should be and it is the way how it works in the real world.

We can not continue be only basis on link building that is the mechanism google has been using for the last 15 years. That is why co-occurrence comes in. The idea is that in the near future, it will not be only about how many links we have (inbound likes) if not, how many times OUR BUSINESS is mentioned in close proximity to key phrases. Example: McDonald to “fast-food”, Progressive to “insurance” or Nike to “sport clothes”. That is an absolutely game changing!.

Guest Author: Engineer Christian Rennella at Córdoba Catholic, now working in Argentina, Mexico and Colombia at first Startup Aggregator in Latin America and also in Brazil with

The Future of SEO: Semantic Search