Three Ways To Obtain Natural Looking Backlinks

If you are worried about the new search engine algorithms to Google that have been released, join the club. Lots of people are worried about this also. Many Internet marketing experts across the board worry that backlinking is a thing of the past because many sites were punished. What these guys fail to realize is that backlinking is not dead by any means. All search engines are requiring is that backlinks are acquired naturally. If you are not sure how to acquire natural-looking backlinks, then follow these three tips.

1. Guest host on relevant blogs.

One way for you to acquire a number of natural-looking backlinks is to guest host on relevant blogs. The way you do this is to find blogs that are relevant to your niche, contact the blog owners and ask them if you can guest host. If you are given the green light to guest host, then you will need to write a well thought-out blog post for each blog. Do not submit the same post to more than one blog. The key is for you to impress these blog owners and for you to have as much unique content with your name on it all over the net as possible.

2. Utilize Yahoo Answers.

Yahoo Answers is one of the easiest ways for you to acquire backlinks. All you have to do is find questions that are relevant to your product or service, and provide well thought-out answers. When you provide these answers, you will need to put your site’s URL in the resource box. Be sure that your answers are not a copy and paste job. You will get flagged for spam, and your Yahoo account will get deleted for doing this. All of your answers have to be unique and tailored to the personal needs of the ones asking the questions. Sure, it will be a lot of writing, but your number of backlinks will grow fast.

3. Submit articles to article directories.

Submitting content that is well-written and unique to article directories is one of the most widely used methods to obtaining natural-looking backlinks. SEO experts love this method so much because it is easy to implement, will not be challenged by Penguin or Panda and it will attract fresh traffic to websites. When you submit articles to article directories, you need to pick only the top directories, like Ezine Articles, and submit articles that are interesting and engaging to readers. If people like reading your content, they will want to visit your site and see what you are offering. Search engines will like this also because the content is not spammy; rather, it is unique and has something to offer to people who search the web.

Applying these three tips for acquiring natural-looking backlinks will enable you to boost your page rank and receive tons of traffic. What is even better is that you will not be penalized by the search engines.

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Three Ways To Obtain Natural Looking Backlinks