With the strong sales of the Apple iPhone today, it’s no surprise that many people are now starting to develop many applications, or “apps”, for this gadget. There is so much in fact, that the number of these apps on the market today; it’s hard to make your app creation stand out.

Fortunately, it’s still possible for your app to be a hit on the market. You just need focus, and determination.

Programming Language

First, keep in mind that, unlike earlier versions, the latest iOS update now blocks apps written in Java and Flash. Therefore, if you attempt to use those programming languages to design your apps, Apple will block them. The recommended programming language to use is Objective C. C++ is also a good programming language to use.

Goal Setting

Next, set your goals on the app that you’re going to build. Do you want your app to be productive, or recreational? Do you want it to be an indispensable app that most iPhone users’ need or you just wanted it to be a stress-reliever? Plan, and remember to stick with it.

Visual Interface

In addition, visual interface is important. Keep in mind the icons that you use to identify your app. Moreover, make sure that the design of the interface should be as pretty as possible. Remember, the icons and the user interface screen shots are the first ones that the user will notice if they are browsing the app through the store. First impressions, always last.

User-Friendly Interface

Keep in mind the ease of access of your app. Just because that the market has been using their iPhone on a daily basis does not mean that they are experts in using any app given to them on the first try. Always place emphasis on a user-friendly interface, and make the app easy to use on the first try. An app that has a very useful feature would still not be a hit on the market if it were hard to use.

Avoid Popups

Try also to avoid annoying the user with “Rate Us” popups early on. One-time use of the app does not make the user completely satisfied with it. It takes some time for the user to completely judge it. The recommended time for bringing up the popup is when the user has experienced the app around 10 or more times, because by then, the user would have already decided if the app was useful or not.

Write a Killer Description

You should also be mindful of the app description. When looking for apps, users just don’t do comparisons with other apps, and if they do, they do it very quickly. So do your best to build an app description that is short, yet detailed. Convince your users that they need the app.

Finally, once you’ve built the app, design your marketing strategy. Do your best to have your app featured in the App Store. You can promote your app via advertisements online and offline. Once your app has made a buzz, the Apple community will begin to notice, and it will be featured on the App Store.


Author Bio: Mason Brown is marketing lead at Arcapps.com, which provides quality Mobile app development using advanced technologies. It is my passion to write on technology subjects, because this is the age of technology revolution.

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