Top 10 Online Press Release (PR) Sites

What is a press release?

Press Release is an official announcement issued to media providing information on a particular development in the company or business regarding products, services or for any specific matter. Intend behind a press release is to maintain public relation and to aware the people about your new products or services. Online Press release plays an important role for the online branding of the company. People gets keep in touch about your offerings.

For any Online Marketing Campaign Press Release is much effective free source to target new audience. There are lot of free or paid online press release distribution channels are available on web to circulate your pr globally. When we talk about seo Press Release it should contain optimized content so that it can target high audience.

Importance of Online Press Release

Benefit to Business: A business may be small or big its main aim is to cover his news in journals, blogs, magazines for its branding and publicity which provides a large benefit to the company. For the tremendous growth of the company online press release is much important.
Inexpensive: Press Release is very inexpensive strategy to promote the business online. It simply needs a precise content and a strong distribution because there are lot of free press release sites are available.
Improve Visibility: For the great visibility a Press Release should contain the full story which constitutes these keywords like who, what, why, when, so that the journalist and the people can further trust it.

 How to write a Press Release?

Following are main elements of a Press Release
Headline: It should be such that it can clutch the people’s attention.
Dateline: It consists of the Releasing date and city.
Introduction: It should be in some starting lines which defines who, when, what, why.
Body: It should contain the further detailed explanation.
Boilerplate: It should be short and tell ”about” the issue.
Close: It tells that the PR is ended. It is shown symbolically”###” or by ”ends”.
Media contract info: It consists of Name, Phone no., Email , Mail address.

 Following is the list of Top 10 Online PR (Press Release) Websites:

#          Website                                         Alexa Ranking
1.                                           2225
2.                3620
3.                          6547
4.                       10209
5.                           10314
6.                                             10602
7.                 14355
8.                            14507
9.                                     20068
10.                                   23755

Top 10 Online Press Release (PR) Sites