Top 10 SEO Tips For 2013Search engine optimization is undoubtedly one of the most fast-changing industries which doesn’t seem to slow down. Techniques that you used effectively for your website promotion a year ago may turn to be worthless today. Thus, it is crucial to stay abreast of the freshest changes in this sphere. In this article I explore the most effective SEO tips to ensure that your website optimization strategy 2013 is properly updated.

1. Post unique content.

Unique content is half the battle. By generating interesting, actual, unique, and relevant posts you will not only increase the number of your customers, but make your website more attractive to search engines.

2. Diversify your link building tactics.

Avoid using spamming methods to create backlinks, prefer more natural means, such as:

  •     forum posts;
  •     guest posts;
  •     blog comments etc.

3. Diversify your anchor text.

Using the same anchor over and over again is a recipe for disaster: search engine can flag your website as spam. To diversify your anchor text use descriptive text, different keywords, etc. both for internal and external links.

4. Update Your Social Media Campaign.

Social networks are a perfect way to spread the word about your idea/product/service: they not only bring your brand closer to customers, but help gaining social cues (shares, likes, etc.) which are also very important in improving your ranking.

5. Put Your Users First.

We all know that website statistics (an average time spent by a user on your website, bounce rate, etc.) is also important for ranking. But you can’t improve it without improving your customer experience. To make your users return to your pages, stay there longer, and share your posts you should ensure that your website is easy to navigate, that its posts are interesting and actual, and that the readers can easily share these posts via maximum networks.

6. Optimize Your Website for Local Search Results.

The number of local search results in SERP is increasing, and you shouldn’t ignore this. Bear in mind that optimizing your webpage for local SEO differs from standard optimization. It includes improving your Google Places pages, getting positive reviews from reputable sources, improving description pages and the overall appeal of your website.

7. Develop Mobile Version of Your Website.

Mobile browsing is expected to surpass traditional search by 2014. Thus, those website owners who don’t have mobile versions of their sites are risking to lose a great deal of traffic to their pages.

8. Create Video Content.

When there is a choice between reading an article and watching a video, most users prefer the latter, especially when it comes to various tutorials and lessons. Video content is beneficial for many reasons: it brings a lot of traffic (if it has a lot of views and comments); it helps you understand your audience (through the video statistics: geography, age, sex, etc.).

9. Authorship Markup.

If you want to attract more attention in SERP, don’t hesitate to add authorship markup to your posts (a photograph plus brief bio). Users tend to read articles that have authors’ comments and photographs. When creating the markup don’t forget to include contacts (FB, Twitter, G+, etc.).

10. Don’t Ignore Other Search Engines.

Surely, Google is the most powerful search engine today. But we shouldn’t forget about other engines, like Bing or Yahoo. These also have their own search algorithms, and you can optimize your posts for Yahoo and Bing as well.

Final Thoughts

Search engine optimization is a science that requires diligence, patience, quick reaction and adaptability. It’s important to realize that there are no ready-made solutions in this industry, and that it can take time to build a truly effective SEO strategy for your particular case. I have been working in this sphere for a long time, and I must admit that the most effective SEO technique for me has been always the diversity of approaches and methods, and what is more important – focusing on the quality of your product. By improving your product you will increase the number of your customers which in their turn will improve your ranking.

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Top 10 SEO Tips For 2013