If you are a proud owner of an Android powered smartphone, then you might want to download and install some of the interesting games that we have listed out for you in this article.

Temple Run 2:

It is one of top rated games, which is loved by almost all people, including little kids. This game presents many challenging activities, which you will need to complete in order to advance the levels. The game is quite entertaining, and it is all about the character called Jack, who steals an idol, followed by monsters chasing him. The more you travel after clearing the hurdles, better will be your score.  You need to collect maximum gold coins to unlock the characters and upgrade your ability. With a few days of practice, you should be able to get a better hang of this game.

Subway Surfer:

This is another Android game which is preferred by many users. You can play it while travelling, or if you are bored doing nothing. As a gamer, you need to dash and dodge the passing train, in order to collect coins. The more coins you collect higher will be your scores. The tasks, of course are not easy, as there are many challenges waiting for you on the way.

This game runs very smoothly on the Android phones. With good quality graphics, you can enjoy chasing the train and collect maximum points. If you are new, then it might take some time for you to understand its logic that is essential for overcoming the challenges.

Need for Speed Most Wanted:

For all those action packed game lovers, Need for Speed – Most Wanted is something that they wouldn’t want a miss for the world. It can be downloaded on an Android handset and played as your convenience. Though it requires extra storage space, it surely is worth investing. As a keeper advancing the game, you will be able to unlock more cars, and customize them as well.  As the game progress is, the driver skills also get upgraded.  This game has to be purchased.

Angry Birds:

This game is 4th on the list and it has been downloaded on almost 1/3rd Android handsets. It is available in different version and you can be downloaded for free. This wonderful game is the best way to pass on your time, especially when you have no work. The game is all about catapulting the birds to destroy the pigs. The game is all the more interesting because of different kind of birds with different powers, but it can be quite addictive too. You can also download the new Star War version, which has received many good user reviews.

Asphalt 7 – Heat:

It is a racing game, which comes with beautiful graphics. The race tracks look real and it will take you around the world. There are many challenges that you have to overcome, which also includes your rivals conspiracy to play dirty race.

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Top 5 In Demand Android Smartphone Games