SEO or search engine optimization is the key to getting top ranks on Google pages. It’s not all about what you do on your site anymore. Optimization is about promotion and networking as much as keywords and Meta descriptions. Even though Google dominates many searches, there are other engines including Yahoo, Bing, MSN, AOL and so on that can fetch you traffic too. All of these search engines rely on SEO activities in order to rank the different websites on the basis of keywords.

Following is the list of FIVE SEO TIPS YOU CANNOT IGNORE. If you follow these tips, you can take your website to the top of the search engines.

 1. Keyword Analysis
All SEO strategies revolve around keywords. You need to make it a point to analyze the top keywords that you are targeting. The main onus on selecting the keyword should depend on the following points:
• Use a keyword that pertains to your business
• Use a keyword that has low competition
• Use a keyword that has high local and global hits
In order to find keywords that will match all the three points mentioned above, you can make use of keyword analysis tools. There are a lot of free tools that are available such as Google AdWords which can help you choose the most suitable keyword for your business.

 2. Back Linking
There is no substitute to back links. However, before you start your back linking campaign, make it a point to refrain from use of low quality back links. It can hamper your website rather than helping if you don’t care who is back linking to your site. So, you need to find top sites and preferably ones that have similar content as yours. Having back links from same niche is going to give you better leads. Set out a to find your network. Once you build relationships with top notch websites in your niche, you will not only get useful back links but you can continue to work with the same sites time and again. Search engines look at not only the quantity of back links when ranking your site they also consider the quality of those links.

 3. Fresh Content
Have you ever wondered what is it that compels readers to stay on your site? Search engines can bring visitors to your site, but it is your content that will force them to stay on your page. You should make it a point to deliver fresh content that are engage and captivate your audience as well as new readers you are attracting with links. You need to mix the different elements when you are creating content as they should have the right professional tone mixed with humor and maybe even a bit of frivolity. The tone should be such that it urges the reader to go on and explore the rest of your website. It will be worth it to have content that draws readers in and keeps them coming back.

 4. Article Marketing
This is by far one of the strongest SEO strategies that can push your site to the top of the search engine pages. You need to have content related to your business that you can promote through the use of article directories. While your private site may have a decent amount of traffic, directories will act as good source of back links as well. Be sure to look for legitimate article directories and you will see the vast number of contributors who know that article marketing is as important as SEO and back links.

 5. Social Media Presence
Social media was not an extremely important point for driving traffic to your site until the Google penguin update. The Google penguin algorithm puts immense emphasis on the type of social media marketing that your website indulges in. If you want your website in the top pages, you need to develop a global social online presence. Your focus needs to include spreading the word about your business on sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterst or LinkedIn.

These are the top 5 SEO strategies that can take your site from a low ranking page to the top rank. A lot of professional SEO companies have been tapping these methods and tips in order to climb to the top ranks. Explore each of these methods in details and then work on them. If you can implement all of these five tips, the change will be there for you to see.

Along with these SEO tips, remember on page SEO holds the key. It is on page SEO that actually helps the search engines to crawl into your pages and rank them. SEO can be a vast field and the strategies are so numerous that you may be confounded. So, to begin the groundwork, start with these strategies as they are the core of driving traffic to your site and can literally get you to the top.

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Top 5 SEO Tips that Can Lead You to Higher Ranking