The beauty of open source. It creates robust communities of users and developers all promoting openness. And Android being an open-source platform is one of the primary reasons it is overtaking the iPhone as the word’s most preferred smartphone. Yes, there is no shortage of free mobile apps for Android, all offered by developers toiling away for nothing more than the love of the code.

But although browsing for games and media can be a nice diversion, it’s important to ensure the phone is safe from data loss. After all, statistics show that more people are using their smartphones even more than their laptops, so a single incident of theft or loss can result in vital data gone forever. With that in mind, here are some free backup apps that will take care of all the Android user’s data-protection needs.

MyBackup Pro

Those who want straightforward data protection for their Android device need look no further than this popular app. The reason it enjoys such popularity is because it can operate with any Android device even if it doesn’t have root access. Users can backup a host of items to secure online servers, such as SD-card data, music, photos, videos, apps, call log, contacts etc. The app also offers a number of other security features including:

  • Data wipe
  • Cache wipe
  • Applications uninstall
  • Applications force close
  • Applications unfreeze

Titanium Backup Root

Users who download this backup option have the ability to backup their apps, data, SD card and market links. This extends to system applications as well as protected apps. The app also allows for scheduled backups that will commence without closing any apps that are currently open. Users can also move data and apps back and forth from the SD card to the device.

Ultimate Backup

Those who put a lot of stock in a sleek interface will likely enjoy this app. But Ultimate Backup is more than just a pretty face: it combines some of the best app managers into one single program. That means those who already enjoy apps such as Titanium Backup, MyBackup and ShareMyApps will find all of the same principal features on this option. Some of these features include:

  • Backup and restore
  • Weekly backup scheduling
  • App restore
  • Automatic app backup (upon installation)
  • Automatic app uninstallation (when deleted)

Safe Backup

Even in today’s mobile world, not everyone is a gear head. Some folks just want a straightforward and secure backup option that doesn’t require a lot of tech know-how to operate. That’s where Safe Backup comes in. It can backup most types of data, and the numerous help tips that pop up facilitate the process by guiding the user through the steps. It’s also one of the few options that can save backups to a Windows PC.

App Backup & Restore

This option offers straightforward application backups with a number of features that include:

  • App restore from SD card
  • Batch backup
  • Batch restore
  • App sorting by name, date and size
  • App2SD support

Those Android users with just one of the above options installed on their devices can rest easy in the knowledge that the secure nature of their apps, data and media is ironclad.

Scott Johnson is a tech blogger who writes on behalf of companies such as smartphone insurer, a popular brand who insures gadgets that people can’t live without.

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