As online marketers and site owners we all know that there is a lot more to running a successful business online than just throwing a web site up and hoping for the best.

It’s not just about selecting keywords for search engine marketing and getting conversions off every visit to our site.

Of course not… we would have to be dreaming!

No one ever talks about all of the keyword research and time spent using keyword software to bring together all of the components of a successful ad campaign.

Whether you are using Google Keywords Tool or advanced software like Long Tail Pro (review), once you master the art of finding and researching long tail keywords you will never go back.

In addition to using any of the different keyword software out there, the search engines you end up advertising in will also provide you with their back end software and tracking solutions.

The benefit to using software to find long tail keywords is that you can start with a generic keyword, then quickly find yourself opening a whole new world of niche opportunities with long tail keywords. Most software will not only give you a list of related keywords, but also the amount of search traffic each of the keyword receives, along with the advertiser competition for that keyword.

The reason why going after long tail keywords versus regular keywords is so important is that you narrow the focus of your audience while also eliminating a lot of your competition.

Here’s an example for you… instead of buying keywords in the search engines for “basketball” you should really break it down to “buy new basketball shoes”. If you go after a generic keyword like “basketball” you really have no idea what people are looking for and there is little chance they are actually going to convert on whatever your web site or offer is.

Before setting up your next web site, blog or ad campaign be sure to look at the different long tail keyword options you have. Every keyword can be broken down into smaller and more targeted audiences.

Using Software and Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords