So, you have decided to sell you products online. Great! But remember just creating a beautiful website with rich content and organising pretty catalogs with high resolution photographs and creative illustrations is not enough. There are several other things including easy downloading of your pages, browser compatibility, etc that need to be focused on aggressively. Usually, a novice businessperson ignores these things and suffers in the long run.

If you want your ecommerce site to perform smoothly, your had better pay attention to these common boo-boos.
1. Too Load on Your Site

Understand this thing. The first thing that irritates a customer is the extended loading time. You make lot of efforts to make your site impressive with many dynamic pages containing heavy flash galleries and graphics. Your efforts are appreciated, but keep this in mind that too many dynamic pages affect your site’s performance. So try to make most of pages of your site ‘static.’  Remember this thing. No visitor will wait longer to ogle at your extremely designed web pages.
2. Browser Compatibility

You will have to create a site that is run effortlessly on all the browsers. Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera all are popular browsers and you need to ensure your site is not only viewed on these browsers but also all the features are running smoothly on all of them. Many owner do not consider it important to view their site on other platform; if fact most of them are not even aware of this fact and it just never strike them at all. Making your site compatible for all the browsers can be a too technical thing for you, but you don’t need to worry for the same as there are plenty of web designer who are just a call away from you.

Have a look at following browser statistics:

Want A Smooth Ecommerce Website? Avoid These Boo Boos

3. Search Bar

Search bar is a tool that allows a visitor to search a particular product a visitor wish to purchase. Visitors have no time to explore your entire gallery and waste time to find out ‘one particular product’; instead they will appreciate if you can show them the ‘one particular product’ that they are looking for straightaway.
4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Sites (SMO)

SEO is tactic that is used to increase your visibility on search engines. SEO is a complex process and you need experts to execute the same for you. You should ensure that when a person look for products on Google, your site appears in top results. Further, avoiding Social Media Campaign can also harm your business in long run. Social media sites are places where people hangout and it contributes a lot in purchasing decisions of users. Your ecommerce site must have options where visitor can “like” and “share” the products instantly.
5. Ignoring Third Party Usability And Performance Feedback

It is of great importance to understand visitors’ behavior towards your site. Today, there are many free and paid websites that offer usability surveys, usability tests, usability scores, etc that help you scrutinise what is lacking in your websites.  For example, Crazy Egg is a tool that can tell you what customers view the most on your site. If you understand these minute things, you can work on those areas and perk up your pages.

Besides, complicated web design, unclear navigation, lack of good images, incomplete product information and shipping information are other things which you can’t afford to disregard.

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  • Want A Smooth Ecommerce Website? Avoid These Boo Boos License: Image author owned
  • Want A Smooth Ecommerce Website? Avoid These Boo Boos License: Image author owned

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Want A Smooth Ecommerce Website? Avoid These Boo Boos