Web video marketing helps you introduce products and services, offer practical guides, and provide an insider’s view of your business to customers, increasing awareness of your brand. However, to be effective, video marketing needs to be done properly. Here are a few essential tips you should consider.

  • Keep your videos short

Social media videos that get the most views and shares tend to be between 60 and 90 seconds long. Of course, how to videos have to be longer, but even in their case brevity is important, and you should do heavy editing to speed up the boring parts. The opening of the video is especially important because it must arrest the attention.

  • Include powerful calls to action

You want a call to action in every video that tries to promote or sell anything. To make calls to action effective, repeat them several times throughout the video, and include a link on the video page so your visitors can act straight away. Want to sell a newly released product? Place a conspicuous link in the video description.

  • Upload all your videos to YouTube channels

YouTube is the most effective video marketing tool available and you should use it well. You will want to customize the look of your channel to match the look of your website, by using your brand colors and logo. Include your most important keywords in the video title, calls to action, and description. It’s important to invest some time in the SEO part of videos, to ensure that they are easy to find.

  • Put faces in your videos

Videos with faces are more compelling for customers. Not everyone likes to have a camera pointed at them, and it’s a bad idea to feature people that don’t like to be filmed in your videos. Identify your employees that look good on the screen and feature them constantly in your videos. Make sure that they maintain eye contact with the lens, and that their hair is tidy.

  • Link your YouTube channel to Twitter and Facebook

The YouTube social media sharing settings enable you to spread the word about your videos via Twitter and Facebook, increasing the changes that your video content will go viral. Visitors to your Facebook profile will be able to watch videos you liked straight from the media player, and can then share them with their friends. To get maximum exposure for your YouTube videos, you can also buy YouTube views.

  • Make high-quality videos

HD videos look great, but they are not always the best choice because they can slow down your site considerably. Anyway, you want to make sure that the lightning is good, the image clear, and the sound excellent. Videos shot by professionals in studios work for tutorials and guides, but they are not good for connecting with customers on a personal level, or taking them behind the scenes in your office.

  • Repost YouTube videos to social media and other external sites

Reposting videos is more effective than reposting articles. You can constantly take videos from your YouTube channel and post them on Facebook, WordPress, or Tumblr. And you can also use video embedding to post your videos to external websites such as blogs. Video reposting works especially well with timeless video content, such as how to videos.

In the end keep in mind that your videos must provide useful information or be entertaining. If they achieve that, your customers will like them and share them all over the Web

The author of this article Aishwarya Vohra is a part-time writer and a full-time homemaker.

7 Highly Effective Web Video Marketing Tips