Guest posting is a powerful asset that every blogger or marketer should utilize as much as possible. With the Google Algorithms becoming so volatile, we can no longer solely depend on that as a means for traffic. A guest post is much more than a way for people to see your name and receive a backlink. Traffic, authority, joint ventures, building relationships, and variety in content are vital parts to the game. These are the few tips based on my own experience while I was running an SEO campaign for the website.


One of the primary reasons to create your guest post is building traffic back to your site. Whether you actually write the post yourself on someone’s own blog or they write it for you to entice your loyal readers, SEO, or even social media, traffic is a big portion. The better the guest post and the better the value, the more feedback you’ll receive whether it’s comments, searches, or even messages via your email address. More participation means more signals to your blog which helps to index your post for more visibility.


As you start building your internet marketing skills to another level, you want to build authority to help create a credibility behind your words. Whether your guest post is something written, a video response to a well known marketer who shares your post, or even an interview, you’ll be able to engage with a following of people. These people determine the legitimacy of your information and they decide whether or not they are behind you 100%. Think of every guest post, every comment and response you make as yourself responding to the reader. You have to find what makes the reader tick and that will help you build your own course of action down the road. This type of authority makes it much easier for your audience and your monetization to grow.

Joint Ventures and Building Relationships

Another great thing about creating guest posts is usually you will find like minded entrepreneurs who may not have the following you possess. Or maybe you have some incredible content or a product you want to share, but you don’t have the visibility. If what you offer is really that valuable and you have a great marketer behind you, it’s a a win-win situation. Building relationships and finding out how to help each other corner the market is much better than doing all of the work by yourself. When you leave valuable comments and guest posts, this can lead to other entrepreneurs contacting you for possible paid guest posts, interviews, and even more.

Content variety

This really gives you a chance to breathe every now and again because you aren’t the one to have to write up this content. Also, if the person that does the post comes from different perspective, you can really open the floor up for dialogue. You’ll have more interaction on your site, and it really spices up your blog because you have some different outlooks that are unique to your own. It’s a great move to actually see the responses and get ideas for new posts out of this guest spot or even create polls. All in all guest posts help more than harm your site. Give it a try and see how it affects your overall site down the line for internet marketing.

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Ben is an experienced SEO strategist. Here Ben shared his most useful tips about guest posting, based on hhis own strategy for the Moldbusters guest posting campaign which he created.

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