QR codes are a type of bar code that are scanned by smart phones. Rather than the traditional multi-width bar lineup, though, they appear to be a square of multi-spaced pixels. It is likely that, even if you are not sure you know what a QR code is, you have seen them all over the place. While they can have many exciting applications, they remain lesser known because many companies are still not sure of how to use them. This leaves you, the ecommerce entrepreneur, with a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. What do QR codes mean to your ecommerce store? Read on to learn more:

Email contact list building. As an ecommerce business, you are likely to rely heavily on Internet marketing campaigns. One of the most effective ways to market via the Internet is through email, and the longer your email contact list, the more email marketing power you have. You can use QR codes to build that list, by linking them to opt-in pages.

Tweeting your way to more customers. Social media is a very powerful brand development tool for ecommerce stores, and Twitter is near the top of the social media totem pole. You can use QR codes to spread awareness of your ecommerce store through Twitter. Simply use an app that automatically posts the QR code URL to the scanner’s Twitter account when they scan the QR code.

Marketing campaign performance tracking. In order to successfully tweak your marketing efforts so that they are more effective over time, you must be able to gauge customer responsiveness to them. You can do this with the use of QR codes, by assigning separate codes to separate products and/or embedding customer tracking URLs in your codes. By aggregating information about incoming customers through QR codes, you not only learn a lot about how well your QR codes are working for you, but also where your customers are coming from and what they are most interested in.

Targeted marketing. Who is your primary customer? If your target demographic is young men who are technically savvy and well-off financially, then you, especially, should be using QR codes to market your ecommerce store. Studies show that this segment of the population is the biggest user of QR codes, so QR codes is a way to reach this sector directly.

QR codes can be a powerful marketing, branding, and sales tool for your ecommerce business. There are so many uses for QR codes that you are really only limited by your imagination, so do your research, keep an open mind, and put QR codes to work for you.

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What Do QR Codes Mean To Your Ecommerce Site?