If you’ve been penalized or punished by Google’s “Penguin” update, there are some things you can do that should help. First you’ll want to check your Webmaster Tools page on Google to see if there are any alerts or messages from Google about the status of your site in their system. The last official Penguin update was in October of 2012, however they do make smaller updates on a regular basis.

The biggest factor in a Penguin update seems to be link analysis, although Google doesn’t reveal specifics about their algorithms. If you have paid for incoming referral links, or otherwise have a lot of incoming links from spammy web sites, you can use Google’s “Disavow Links” tool to help clean them up and improve your ranking. Other things you can do include creating high-quality articles and content on your website, as well as updating some of your current content. You really want your articles and other information to be relevant to visitors of your site. For the most part, the days of writing articles with repeated keywords to increase your ranking are over.

What Google suggests in order to be considered a high-quality site includes providing information that can be trusted. Articles free of spelling errors are also a factor. Other things that may cause problems are a lack of editing or lack of attention to detail, as well as content that is poorly written or sloppy. It also appears that there is some preference for sites that stay fresh, or at least add new content on occasion. The new content should still be high-quality, and it doesn’t mean you need to post five new articles a week or anything either.

If you have content that is a little stale that could use some updating due to new trends or data, then updating those pages would also help. In some cases it might also be time to call in a professional SEO or SEM firm. Use a firm that is well-respected take a look at what companies may be best for you here: topreviewstoday.net.They can advise you on the best mix between attempting to revive natural search ranking and looking at paid search as another option. Paid search may or may not be part of your long-term plan, but in the short term it may be the best and fastest solution.

What to Do if Youve Been Punished By Googles Penguin Update