A CEO of any company should understand SEO well. In order to gain the largest amount of new customers as possible from SEO, the CEO of a business should have an excellent understanding of how SEO, or “search engine optimization”, works to increase traffic to their websites and revenue for their business.

Marketing Products And Services Online

The World Wide Web provides an excellent platform for businesses to reach a massive amount of potential customers, and with millions of people logging onto the internet everyday, the amount of potential customers that the World Wide Web provides is truly limitless.

In order to effectively market a product or service, a business can’t just establish a website and expect a flood of traffic to come. Instead, the business has to focus on successful marketing strategies in order to drive a large amount of targeted traffic to the website.

With SEO, a business can use the most powerful methods available to drive a large amount or organic traffic from the search engines.

Understanding The Power Of SEO

SEO can bring more targeted traffic to any website than most other online marketing strategies. By understanding how SEO works, a CEO will realize that websites are optimized for certain targeted keywords, and by building a large number of authoritative backlinks on relevant webpages, a website can rank very high in the search engine results pages, also known as the “SERPs”, for targeted keywords.

There are other effective tools for marketing a website online, such as pay-per-click. However, traffic from a pay-per-click campaign will only last for as long as a person is paying for it. In contrast, traffic from an SEO campaign will last as long as the website continues to be optimized for targeted keywords.

If a website is at the top of Google or on the first page of Google for a targeted keyword phrase, it is likely to receive a consistent and huge flood of targeted, organic traffic from the search engines.

Understanding How SEO Works And The Process Of SEO

In order to fully harness the power of SEO, a CEO must understand the different components of SEO. A website doesn’t reach the top of the SERPs overnight, and it takes a lot of hard work to get a website to the top of SERPs for targeted keywords.

A CEO should understand that consistently building high quality backlinks, or “incoming links”, is vital for a successful SEO campaign. The backlinks will raise a webpage’s pagerank significantly.

Pagerank can be defined as a link analysis algorithm which provides each page on the web with an authoritative, numerical rating. Pagerank is designed to help the search engines determine which pages are the most important within a group.

By increasing a website’s or a webpage’s pagerank, the website will likely rank much higher in the SERPs.

By consistently building high authority and relevant backlinks from many sources and optimizing a webpage for SEO, a business can increase its website’s pagerank and rank it at the top or near the top of the SERPs for targeted keywords very quickly.


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Why A CEO Should Understand SEO   Knowing Both The Incredible Benefits And The Process Of Successful SEO!