It doesn’t take a genius to come to terms that the internet is bursting at the seams. As a result of this it can be extremely hard for an online entrepreneur to get noticed, let alone become a success. The simple reality is that there are hundreds if not thousands of other people trying to earn a living in a similar niche area to yours.

However, all is not lost. There is still a way that your business can be successful.  One of the best ways to make an impact is to give away your best content. Yes, that’s right, your best work.

This blog post will aim to shed some light on why this practice can propel you and your business to successes that you never thought possible.

The Rationale

The majority of blog writers will actually want to keep their best work to themselves. Or rather, keep it with a view to charging people to access it. Spending hours or days producing content only for it to be given away will fill many of these people with dread.

A classic example of this applies to blog owners, but more specifically guest posting. Imagine a situation where you have toiled over a piece of work. Hours turned into days as you carefully put together what turns out to be an epic blog post.


Many webmasters would immediately class you as crazy if you chose to submit this content as a guest blog post rather than keeping it for your own site. However, doing exactly that, you will be assured of achieving something very important. The very first contact that you will have with the niche site readers is to demonstrate to them your knowledge of the particular subject. This in itself is one of the most powerful ways of promoting your own work.

The flip side to this is to keep the content for your own site. Of course, there is no question that it will provide value to your readers. Sadly, they will probably be limited in numbers compared to the influential niche site that would have been delighted to feature your content.

Once an individual has been exposed to the quality of your work in this way they will normally be keen to return. This will quite possibly also translate into them being only too happy to share your information to others.

The Authority

Over time, the practice of giving away brilliant content will allow you to become the “authority” in your niche. Put simply, when this means your readership base will grow significantly in size. Essentially your name will be one of the first, if not the very first on people’s lips when it comes to valuable information.

The success that you can enjoy with these kinds of posts will make it easier to post your content to other sites. Some of these will include the sites that ordinarily wouldn’t have given you or your content a second glance. However, the power of your previous guest posts will mean they already know their own readers will be keen to see what you have to say.

Fast Track

By adopting the method shown above you will be almost guaranteed a fast track to success. Of course it is vital to ensure that you continue to provide content that not only adds value but is also thought provoking. This way, over time there will be increasing numbers of commenters who help to share your content and authority around the blog sphere.

Once you have been able to enjoy the success that this brings you can return the favour and feature other guest posts on your own site. Providing the content is screened properly, this can only add to the success of your blog by adopting this process.

Having been a freelance writer for many years, Bill Jobs is a firm believer in the power of online writing. When he is not writing he finds time to catch up on business tips offered inspiring entrepreneurs such as Gregory Cox.

Why Giving Away Your Best Content Makes Perfect Sense