SEO is an incredibly important tool for marketing, as it is the means of getting people clicking to your website. People- potential customers- are constantly conducting searches online, and SEO is an invaluable means of directing the queries and keyword searches to YOUR site. When a consumer is actively searching, they are in an active state, and more likely to complete a transaction. SEO is beneficial as it provides targeted leads- customers who have intent- for your business. While SEO does indeed assist your site in becoming search engine friendly by ironing out the specific technical details, it also assists in utilizing your valuable advertising dollars to the max. While you may create an amazing and informative website, this alone is not enough to ensure that people actually see it. Unless it is promoted and marketed to the masses, it will remain off of the search engine radar- exactly what you do not want.

Businesses require a great deal of marketing and promotion so consumers are aware of your services. What SEO does is highlight the content of the site using targeted words so when customers type key phrases in a search engine, your website is listed among the top. This creates an awareness of who you are, and creates a better flow of traffic to your address. This is an integral aspect of business growth as customers cannot click to a website they don’t know exists and are not aware of.

How can SEO help me?

It is less expensive than other forms of online marketing! Other forms of online marketing such as banner adverts, Google AdWords, and promoted tweets cost a significant amount of change. You can save on your marketing budget and reap the benefits of SEO.

There is less competition for local businesses. For example, if you are an organic bakery in small town, Ontario, you don’t have to compete for Google rankings with the big boy bakeries in Toronto. SEO enables your local customers to find you easier with the help of a few useful keywords, leading to better search engine ranking, more traffic, and inevitably, more sales.

Utilizing SEO provides a means for you to track your leads. It allows you to determine which keywords users are typing in to get to your site, and which are most effective. By knowing this information, you can use it to your advantage to generate even more traffic to your site.

In using online marketing, you create a broader network of potential customers. A range of people who are already interested in your product or service will visit your site, creating brand awareness and more business. It is entirely beneficial as it will boost your revenue and expand your business growth.

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Why SEO Is Important