We’ve heard the phrase a million times- that content is king. But do you know why? Content you create and publish on your website can also be very helpful for SEO purposes. Anything that goes on your site text/copy, videos, and images, even podcasts and news, are all parts of your content. All of these things are what gives your site and your brand substance. It’s what the readers come to see and interact with. They don’t come for a sales pitch. They come for the content.

This is why SEO needs high quality content. The better your content, the more people will enjoy it and the more people enjoy it:

  • The more they share it
  • The more they comment
  • The more they interact with it
  • The more they advertise for you

When you give people something of value, they trust you and respect you. This increases word of mouth advertising of your brand as well. And what does any of this have to do with SEO? Well, when people are sharing, commenting and interacting with your content, Google gives it more value. Click here to learn more about SEO services and how to improve your website in search today.

It just makes sense that if a lot of people are taking the time to read it and engage with it, your content is worthwhile. When you have worthwhile content, you can guarantee that your search rankings will improve. All purchased SEO in the world cannot completely make up for excellent content. When you have both, you have the package deal. You have what people want and you will be rewarded for that with traffic and hopefully, conversions as well.

Google Webmaster Guidelines provides more information about content quality but some things to keep in mind are that you are giving something unique or presenting a new way to do something, solving a problem or entertaining with your content.

Take time to create content that has true value to the visitor. Don’t just post for the sake of posting and forget about those $2 blog posts you can buy from some content mill or article directory. They’re not going to help you get the quality you need. It’s a waste of time and money. Instead, you need to think like a publisher and improve the quality of your content. It’s never too late to start.

Make sure you take the time to invest in quality content. Your search rankings will prove it’s worth it. Do you have questions about how content helps your SEO?

Karen Brown is an SEO educator who enjoys sharing her tips and lessons via blogs and articles so others can learn to improve their SEO as well.

Why SEO Needs High Quality Content