Why is Localization Crucial for the Success of Your Mobile App?

The Internet has done a lot more than just connecting people; it also paved the way for businesses to compete on a global scale. Goods and services offered by someone in one country can be purchased by a customer from the other side of the globe. If you’re an app developer, you’ll want to sell your apps online. You may think it is easy to make sales over the Web, but simply making your app available to international customers will not be enough; you need to have your app localized if you want your app to receive interest in the global marketplace.

Why Should You Localize Your Mobile App?

Localizing an app is a rather straightforward process: you have to make the necessary modifications to your product to make it appropriate and usable for the people in your target area. This may involve modifying your layout to accommodate translated text (ie, German is typically 30% longer than English) , translating the content, and in some cases altering the colors and/or images to ensure content is not culturally offensive to the target population. App localization is quite effective because of the following main reasons:

People prefer apps that are meant for them

If you hand an English book to someone who does not speak English, that person will most likely look for a translated version or use the book as a paperweight. This is even more crucial in apps, since people who cannot figure out what they are pressing might end up making unwanted changes in the app settings which will cause frustration. Even worse, they will exit the application prematurely and may even end up leaving an invalid negative feedback out of frustration. Localization helps eliminate this problem, making it more user-friendly and appealing to foreign customers. App localization acknowledges your target market. Simply knowing that you care makes a huge impact on how your customers see you. By localizing your app, you are basically telling your customers that you are interested in making your product better for them to use. This helps promote brand loyalty so people who purchased your app will be more likely to express interest in your other offerings in the future.

Localization helps make your product look better and more competitive than others

When people see two similar apps, most of them make their choice based on features and user reviews. If your app is available in many languages, this will create the impression that you have a larger customer base. You are also likely to receive reviews and feedback from foreign users if your app is available in their language. The benefits of having your app localized greatly outweigh the cost, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions in expanding your target audience. Having your app localized opens the door for more opportunities. By posting your offering globally, you will help your business grow faster, increase your customer base, and develop good rapport with foreign customers, which will also help improve your reputation as a competitive player in the industry.

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This is a guest post entry by Emre Akkas at Globalme Language & Technology. Globalme provides translation and localization services for desktop and mobile applications.

Why Should You Localize Your Mobile App?