All new start-up businesses need to appreciate the importance of developing a successful, long-term web strategy. Small business websites are the most effective way to promote the products or services of a new company and establish a brand identity. However, it can be difficult to accommodate the pricey fees of a web development agency during the early days of a small business, especially if most of the start-up capital is tied up in more critical day-to-day overheads and operating expenses. This is why WordPress has emerged as the content management system of choice for the majority of small businesses. Not only is the open source software free and easy to use, but it is one of the most customisable and powerful website construction tools available.

Quick Installation

Although it does help to be a little computer savvy, installation of WordPress is easy and no previous web development knowledge is needed. After registering a domain and web host, the WordPress installation package simply needs to be extracted and uploaded to the server via FTP. The installation script can then be run on the new website and the famous ‘5 minute install’ will take care of the rest. However, if that still sounds too technical, there are many web hosting companies that offer a pre-installed WordPress ready to use for new websites.

Create A New Website In Minutes

WordPress quickly sets up a skeleton structure when creating a new website, so the fiddly bits of design and coding are automatically taken care of. New users don’t have to worry about aligning headers or adding sidebars, and they can instead concentrate on the content and aesthetics of their new business website.

Add Functionality With Plug-ins

Perhaps the most useful feature of WordPress is its plug-in library. There are hundreds of third-party extensions which can completely change the basic architecture of a WordPress website. The plug-in library can be browsed and remotely installed via the WordPress admin panel, and the huge selection available means that any small business can find extensions that will greatly benefit the functionality of their website. Website features that would typically require a web developer to create, like image galleries, comment boxes or even e-commerce tools, can be installed in just a few clicks.

Thousands Of Design Possibilities

Similar to its plug-library, WordPress has an extensive selection of different themes for website owners to try out. Themes are all-in-one design packages which completely transform the look of a website, and they range from simplistic and minimal styles to bold and visually distinctive designs. Themes can be easily altered so small business owners can make a creative and completely unique design for their website. Also, it’s easy to change a WordPress theme without altering any existing content, so businesses can quickly change their look if they feel like their website needs a refreshing image change.

SEO For Small Business

WordPress has been developed with SEO for small business in mind, and its basic architecture ensures that any websites developed using its resources will be easily found by search engines. As almost all new small businesses are completely dependent on SEO for generating traffic and visitors, the built-in SEO capabilities of WordPress (and the many plug-ins available that can further enhance these features) make it the best resource for drawing in visitors and generating.

With its endless customisation features and user-friendly interface, it’s easy to see why WordPress is the backbone of many small business websites. However, although the all-in-one content management system is the ideal choice for new start-ups, small business owners are advised to scale up their website as their company begins to expand. By hiring a full-time web developer and SEO team, owners can ensure that the running of their website is in the right hands.

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WordPress : The Content Management System Of Choice For Small Businesses