If the domain name you want is owned by someone else, don’t stress out. You’re not unlucky. Most people can’t find the domain they want available with a .com extension. You name it, someone has thought of it and registered it by now. So, what are your options and can you still acquire a good domain name? The short answer is “yes” as long as you are open minded.

Search Beyond the .com

There are plenty of domain extension out there that are less frequently used but would still allow you to use the domain name you want. Check the .net, .info, .org and .biz variations of your domain name first. If you come up empty, you can try .co, .us or even register for one of the new gTLD using an extension that best describes your niche. Your domain can contain hyphens if you’re not concerned about the domain value. The hyphens won’t impact your site’s ability to rank. Down the line, if a domain you would have preferred becomes available, you can also redirect it to your website.

Vary it Up

If your brand name is a generic keyword, you’re more likely to have a tougher time finding something available than if your brand name is a less commonly used word. You can still have a domain that combines keywords with a less common word and come up with a good partial match domain. The keywords will describe your business and have a high enough search count to ensure you are not narrowing your niche down too much. Your name could even reflect your location, helping your website to rank better in local search.  When you come up with your brand word, just make sure it’s easy to remember and spell. If it’s too strange, people might mistype the name in the address bar and not find your website.

Other Considerations

In the past, no one thought about social media and certainly most don’t consider it when picking a business domain name, but today it is an integral part of your business’ branding strategy and should be put in place simultaneously.  When you have a few different domain names picked out, check the availability of corresponding social handles in the top social media websites, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Once you do choose your domain name, go ahead and set up those social accounts, even if you’re not ready to actively use them. When you do get your website up and running, make an effort, even a small one, to start building up those user profile followers.

No matter the brand name you choose, the way to make it memorable is to get it in front of other people’s faces. Social media accomplishes this and press releases are the best way to do the introduction. Find bloggers in your niche to connect with and either provide them content or an offer exclusive to their readers. You can make your brand memorable, no matter what it is.

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