If a company can get a large YouTube audience, YouTube can be a very cheap method of advertising. Posting customer testimonials – or even encouraging happy customers to post their own testimonials or product reviews on YouTube – can be an easy way to get positive reviews out in the open.

Show Your Product in Action

Showing customers using a product in their everyday lives can help potential customers see how the product would fit into their own lives. This is especially effective when clips are taken from news clips featuring “real people” rather than paid actors in a company-sponsored commercial, since this can feel more realistic than in a staged television commercial. Companies can post news clips they are featured in onto YouTube in order to reach a larger audience than the news did. YouTube viewers may be attracted to the fact that the company was featured by local news channels, which means more credibility points for the company.

Cool Videos, Cool Company

YouTube channels have been hugely successful for a number of marketing campaigns, including those of Quicksilver & Roxy and even Home Depot. Quicksilver attracts customers with aesthetically captivating surf footage, while Home Depot establishes itself as a go-to company for home improvement by featuring home improvement tutorials on its YouTube channel. Brands who post frequently on their channels quickly find out what does and doesn’t work for their brand. For many companies, YouTube can widen exposure to a larger array of potential customers. Companies featuring well-filmed and interesting videos attract large audiences and gain exposure to their company they otherwise might not have.

Going Viral On YouTube

Web video was the fastest-growing online advertising format in 2012. In order to set themselves apart on YouTube, companies need to be especially creative with their film. Using good cinematography and interesting material is important. Blendtec, for example, in it’s “Will It Blend?” campaign, has posted somewhat humorous YouTube videos showing their blender tackling various objects such as golf balls, soda cans, glow sticks, and iPhones. The humor and sheer uniqueness of the content is enough to attract viewers and expose them to the product. Since few people go to YouTube to watch commercials, using entertaining videos to attract customers via YouTube is a fantastic approach to online advertising.

YouTube Promotion: More Than Just Posting Your Videos

While making attractive videos is crucial to keeping your YouTube campaign alive and interesting, the last thing you should do is “post and pray;” you need a platform for your videos – meaning your goal is to get your videos into a category and get to the top of it. Remember that just as quickly as a video can become popular, it can die in popularity overnight as well, so keep promoting your videos by having popular sites feature links to company YouTube videos.

About the Author: Rick Delgado is a freelance writer who specializes in the latest social and technology trends. He is currently acting as a social media consultant for Vivint in their YouTube campaign. You can follow them on Twitter here.

YouTube In Your Marketing Strategy