In case you are thinking of starting your own online business (or have just started it) and are worried about marketing strategies, here are some ideas for you.


Create a Blog and Post High-Quality Content Regularly

The best way to market your online business is to create a blog a post and share SEO-friendly content on a regular basis. Such a strategy might not give you early returns, but you need to look ahead and understand that this will increase your online presence and create a loyal, even if small, following.

Your blog will help direct relevant traffic in your direction and therefore increase your website rating. If you make it big, your blog will be a source of constant information source to many people who will read and follow your blog and may make important decisions according to it.


Use Google Ads

In case you are an e-commerce website or a website that sells a tangible item, then you need to market these items on google. The reason being, humans tend to ‘Google’ things that they need to buy and not ‘Search’ for them anymore. So, if an item searches for say “Item A” and your website isn’t listed to be selling this item on Goggle Ads, then there is almost no chance of the customer buying the item from you. Having worked at a stealth-mode technology based startup, I can safely tell you that for the first few years of a e-commerce based startup, most of its traffic comes from google ads.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very simple. Say I recommend you to buy a product on site B and you go on to buy the product from site B, then I get a commission from the payment that you make. In today’s world, affiliate marketing takes a slightly different approach. These websites offer customers discount codes which we can used by them to buy items from the websites we usually shop at, all while getting amazing discounts. No more does the customer just checkout from the checkout page. Now, customers check websites containing coupons first, and then use them to lower the final checkout price. They then go on to place the order. Not only do these affiliate marketing websites have coupon codes for websites like flipkart and amazon where we usually shop, but also for many other websites that have sprung up in recent times. The best thing is that it spreads the word among customers about offers, whenever any event takes place, or when something big is approaching. Small business promotions are a good idea through affiliate marketing because if it doesn’t work out, then it won’t cost you anything because of the commission based model.


Use Facebook Ads

Most of the time that users spend ‘online’ is spend on Facebook. Hence, there is a high chance that if you market your website on Facebook, then a huge community can see and know about your new business. It might also connect you to newer people and help you grow. What you will be needing is strategically placed landing places and the exact metrics like age, marital status, etc, that will suit your customer base in order to get things right. Even if the right recipe takes some time to perfect, Facebook ads is the way to go.


Influencers on Instagram

While creating your own base of fan following and spreading messages across them in a vast network will take some time, using the help of powerful bloggers and influencers (who already command a voracious fan following and are likely to help your ideas reach millions) is a great idea in itself. In today’s world, these influencers have the ability to multiply your sales by just posting a picture of them using your product.

So which of these do you think you can apply to your Startup Business?