Everyone knows how important great design is and without it your website might not do as well as you think it will. People usually get the basics right and it stops visitors from clicking away in the first 2 seconds, but that is only the beginning. The real accomplishment is making small changes that can take your website from OK to great. It’s a bit like optimizing a landing page to get the highest conversion rate you can which will mean more money.

When you first start out with your sales copy you could have a 2% conversion rate which isn’t great, but change the headline and it increases to 7%. Now go and change the first paragraph and it might increase to 15%. You can keep optimizing it until you are making as much money as possible. Once you have a great design it’s the same thing and you need to keep tweaking the little things to optimize it as much as possible. Start with some of these and see what the results are like.


A larger headline font

When you want someone to read one of your articles you need to wave it about in their face. The easiest way to do that is by increasing the size of the font. Now people might not care about playing with other things that are on the page and they will actually read what you want them to. If people come to your site they are not likely to buy something at the first time of asking. By actually getting them to read your article they will trust you more and hopefully buy your product when they come back.


One color of links

Getting people to do anything is hard work because you can’t sit and hold their hand. You can only show them the path and they must follow it. Your main product that actually brings in money will be on a different page. The only way people will get to that is through a link. It’s must easier to get someone clicking on your links if they are a different color from everything else on your site. Readers will eventually come to realize that is the color they must click on.


Below the fold

Has anyone ever told you to make sure you sell something above the fold? It’s the place on the website that everyone can see as soon as they arrive and it means people will be able to see your product without scrolling down. They tell you it’s the easiest way to sell more products, but is that really true or does it just sound right? Some people are having much more success selling their products below the fold because someone who scrolls down to find it is a better prospect.


Use more pictures

When you have pictures on your blog it gives people something to look at rather than words all the time. They don’t want to see a big block of writing without anything visually stimulating. You might pretend to yourself it’s not important because readers are still commenting and buying your products, but this article is about optimization. 20% of people maybe won’t mind all those words, but the other 80% want more pictures. Why don’t you please them all?


Creating your tagline

The tagline is possibly the most important part of your website because it’s something everyone will look at when they land on your site. You’re competing against millions of other blogs and people find new ones every day. When someone can only find out what your blog is about by reading an article you won’t get much of them doing it. Have a tagline that tells everyone what the blog is about and more people will read your articles before leaving

Todd Ramos is the founder of PenTech consulting. He has worked as an SEO professional for many years and is one of the founding fathers of PenTech Consulting.