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Search optimization is about generating leads and increasing revenue for your company utilizing online marketing strategies. Effective SEO involves modifying both a website’s user experience and content so that a search engine will deem the website relevant for specific key phrases. The end result and goal is online traffic that converts at your Co. Springs retail location, purchases on your website or calls your service business. 


Every company should have an active marketing campaign so that they can reap the following benefits:


SEO Makes You Visible

What’s the point in having a website if no one can find it? Imagine you are a tourist visiting Colorado Springs, and you want to order pizza to your hotel. You don’t know the name of any pizza places in Colorado Springs, so you Google the phrase, “take out pizza Co Springs.” You will most likely order pizza from one of the companies that shows up on the first page of results. It is highly unlikely that you will view the second page of results. Local SEO makes your website rank higher than other websites, thus showing up on that first page and making you more visible to potential clients.

Increases Website Traffic

The difficult task of SEO is getting your website to rank number one for searchers. Even harder than that is staying there! Once you get up to the top, you will receive more website traffic (numbers of people visiting your website). This is because most people don’t bother looking past the first page of results and click on the first few links that show up.



Matches You With Warm Leads

Research shows that most people who type words into a search engine looking for a product or service are already willing to part with their cash. So someone who types “SEO company Colorado Springs” has most likely already decided that they want to hire an SEO company, and now they are just Googling to see who is out there offering SEO services.


Leads To Conversions

SEO is not just about high rankings and brand awareness; it’s also about conversions. As soon as you feature on page one and people start clicking onto your site, you then need to make the sale. If people visit your website and leave straight away, then your website is either not relevant to them or not user-friendly.

The bottom line.

SEO is about making more people aware of your brand. It gets you bumped up the rankings, and it makes your website visible in blogs and social media channels. Strip away everything else and underneath it all, SEO is pure, solid marketing. If you can get to number one on search engine results in, you have struck marketing gold.

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Why Do I Need SEO?

A website is your showroom in cyberspace and if a prospective customer can’t find it, how is he going to buy your product or service? The most important metric for the web-based business owners are their visibility on the net. The most effective way to ensure that visibility is Search Engine Optimization.

There are billions of web pages on the Internet. It’s understandable that not all of them can be listed in the top. Search engines only list websites that they find relevant to a special topic. You must make sure that your website is such a site. As an Internet marketing strategy, optimization analyzes how search engines work and what people search for. They optimize your web pages so that search engines find them relevant. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results (top 10 positions) the more searchers will visit that site.

How Do Search Engines Work?


Search engines use indexing software programs called robots or spiders. These software programs are programmed to constantly crawl the web in search of new or updated page. They will go from URL to URL until they have visited every website on the Internet. Search engines rank your web pages based on mathematical formulas. The search algorithm is what all search engines use to verify which sites are the most appropriate to the words you type into it. Each engine has its own secret algorithm.


Why Does SEO Require High-Quality Content?

We’ve heard the phrase a million times: “content is king.” But do you know why? The content you create and publish on your website can also be very helpful for search ptimization purposes. Anything that goes on your site including text copy, videos, images, podcasts, or news, are all part of your content.

Content gives your site and your brand substance. It’s what the readers come to see and interact with. They don’t come for a sales pitch. They come for the content.

This is why you need high-quality content. The better your content, the more people will enjoy it:

  • The more they share it.
  • The more they comment.
  • The more they interact with it.
  • The more they advertise for you.

When you give people something of value, they trust you and respect you. This increases word of mouth advertising for your brand as well. What does any of this have to do with search optimization? Well, when people are sharing, commenting, and interacting with your content, Google gives it more value. 

It just makes sense that if a lot of people are taking the time to read it and engage with it, your content is worthwhile. When you provide worthwhile content, you can guarantee that your search rankings will improve. All the purchased links in the world cannot completely make up for excellent content. When you have both, you have the package deal. You have what people want and you will be rewarded for that with traffic and hopefully, conversions as well.

The Google Webmaster Guidelines provide more information about content quality, but remember that you need to be giving something unique, presenting a new way to do something, solving a problem, or entertaining people with your content.

Take time to create content that has true value to the visitor. Don’t just post for the sake of posting. Forget about those two dollar blog posts you can buy from a content mill or article directory. They’re not going to help you get the quality you need. It’s a waste of time and money. Instead, you need to think like a publisher and improve the quality of your content.

It’s never too late to start. Take the time to invest in quality content. Your search rankings will prove it’s worth it.


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