Google+, the new social network that has techies making waves, is finally going mainstream. It’s projected to have 400 million users by the end of 2012, and social media experts are urging business owners of all kinds to join in on the action before they miss out on what’s sure to be a profitable time investment (let’s keep it clear that you’ll only be investing time, because the service is free).

Small Business owners may wonder how Google+ is good for them, and social media expert Don Campbell, who was recently interviewed by James Martell on Coffee Talk, an extremely popular podcast on internet marketing, said that every business owner, big or small, owes it to themselves to have a presence on the soon to be booming network. He also discusses some of the advantages and how to’s for using Google+ as a local business.

The Advantage of Going Techie With Your Marketing Campaign

Campbell and Martell make a point to discuss that typical local advertisements are failing. Newspapers and Yellow Pages simply aren’t getting the attention they used to because the eyes are transferring that attention from hard copy to Internet copy. What Google+ does to save the local businesses that aren’t used to using web-based social media as a part of their marketing campaign is creates a way for the local businesses to produce the same types of adds and put them on the Internet where they will be visible to all of their local customer base, and potential customer base.

What Happens With The Local Listing?

What you do is set up a Google+ account, and set up your local ad with Google+. This listing will include all of the basics (i.e. name, contact info, location, services) and it will include other more web-based info (video and photo, website). It’s best that you become hip to the new additives, because other business owners will be doing so and reaping the benefits of it. Videos and photos help your business become more personable to existing and potential customers, and Google+ is a social networking site that gives you every avenue necessary to build more personal relationships with those people.

What If I Don’t Have A Website To Include? Will That Hurt Me?

In short, yes. Most people who are looking up a business via Google want to have access to the website itself, not just the phone number. There are plenty of ways to create a great and professional looking website without spending a pretty penny, and it doesn’t have to be too complicated either. WordPress used to be known as a simple to use blogging site, and now it’s a simple to use blogging site with professional themes (like Genesis WordPress Themes) that allow it to not look so much like a simple blogging website. The reason I recommend WordPress is because it’s easy to set up and even easier to add your professional looking theme to make your website really look like a business’s website, but it’s also because of the plug-ins. WordPress comes with several optional add-ons that allow it to integrate easily with social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and even Google+.

Advice From The Experts

Don Campbell is a social media expert and instructor at The School of Internet Marketing and the president of his own venture called Expand2Web (, which provides tools and training for entrepreneurs. As a renowned social media expert, he has helped thousands of businesses successfully build their online presences, so when he offers his advice; it’s not a small token at all.

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