No doubt mobile search is going to remain a hot topic in 2013 as most of the brands are claiming that 30-40% of their traffic is through mobile or smartphones. This implausible rate of growth in mobile search makes the role of mobile SEO or SEO for mobile devicescritical as nobody will want to miss such a huge gap in traffic for just not being found in mobile searches.

Mobile SEO is still a new thing, and experts are finding new ways to move ahead. If you have already created a mobile version of your website or planning to do so, take care of following SEO tips to make your mobile site search engine optimized:

Keyword Research for Mobile SEO- While researching keywords for mobile websites, keep in mind that mobile user search for short keywords as compare to pc searches so choose your keywords smartly, i.e., short and simple. Take the help of Google’s keyword tool’s mobile filtering option or get in touch with a reputable SEO provider.

URL Structure for Mobile SEO  – The most common question is if you require a different URL for the mobile version, or you can redirect the same URL.

According to Google-“ For Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile, it does not matter what the URL structure is as long as it returns correctly what a user sees too. For example, if you redirect mobile users from to, that will be recognized by Googlebot-Mobile, and both websites will be crawled and added to the correct index. In this case, use a 301 redirect for both users and Googlebot-Mobile’’.

In my point of view, using a separate URL structure such as :


Content for Mobile SEO – Content is always king so there is no exception for the mobile website, but keep it as short as possible because the mobile user is generally looking for specific content so provide them that only relevantly.

Meta Tags in Mobile SEO- You can use same meta tags for mobile SEO as in your main website

Mobile Site Map – Submit a mobile sitemap to Google and Bing. Remember Mobile Sitemap should contain only URLs that serve mobile web content.

Following is a sample Mobile Sitemap :

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?>

<urlset xmlns=”″







Link Building- Finally, begin a link building campaign for your mobile website (especially starting with mobile directories). Try to get good and effective links pointing towards your mobile website. Don’t forget the social media because according to Google, most of the mobile searches are through social media.

Hope these Mobile SEO Tips will help your website getting more traffic and generating new business.