Owning a small business can be tough. Getting the word out about your business can be even tougher. With so many companies popping up, you may feel a little lost in the sea of competitors. As just another “fish in the sea,” you may be feeling the push to improve your business tactics and especially your marketing strategies. It’s probably no surprise to you that the internet is a fantastic tool for small business owners when it comes to marketing. What better way to gain customers and business “fame” than by going online? Most Americans have access to the internet every day, and individuals are spending countless hours on it each week.

Because of this heavy reliance on the internet for most Americans, small business owners are smart to utilize it for business needs. More particularly, business owners should get well-connected through social media sites. These sites really help you create and build relationships (which are low-pressure for customers) and can lead to a larger customer base. Here are three ways to successfully use social media sites for your business.


Facebook Page

Is it any surprise to you that creating a Facebook page would be on this list? Probably not. Millions around the world log in to Facebook each and every day. When you create a solid company page, you are inviting others to see what your company has to offer. Individuals can “like” your page, which will show up on their page and news feed. The news feed goes to that individual’s friends, who can then look at the content of your company as well. This is great because your friends and customers are basically doing your marketing for you. Just create the page and let others do the talking for you.

When it comes to your Facebook page, remember to update it regularly. Posting promotions and special offers has been shown to go a long way with potential customers. Also, Facebook is a great way to receive feedback, whether positive or negative, from customers. You can really build your company relationship with these individuals by responding to each post, no matter what the content of their post may be.


YouTube Clips

Another great way to market is through YouTube. Is this suggestion surprising to you? A lot of companies utilize YouTube for various reasons. Some create witty and clever ads that everyone wants to share with friends because they are funny. Others like to create “How-To” segments for their products, perhaps showing how they are supposed to be used or creative ways to use them. And sometimes companies use them for public relation concerns. If something has happened that puts the company in a bad light, it’s not a bad idea to release a statement via YouTube that can reach concerned customers and do a little damage control. Again, social media really is all about building relationships with customers, which can be done through YouTube clips.


Company Blog

And finally, you might want to create a company blog. You can hire a competent writer to keep your blog alive and well, or you can do the writing yourself, if you feel up to the challenge. Blogs of all kinds are online, and their popularity has drastically increased in recent years. You can use blogs in much the same way as Facebook and YouTube. Create weekly giveaways or special offers and post them on your blog. You can also make tutorials and receive comments from customers.

No matter which social media sites you choose to utilize, the important thing is that you do utilize some of them (or even better, all of them!) It’s all about building that positive relationship with potential customers, which can easily and efficiently be done online.