Marketing is not about owning a store or bringing customers through usual practices. The Internet has so many ideas open to help people sell their products. The trick is to make the best and smart use of them.

Almost the entire world connects through Facebook to enjoy a variety of activities. More than just posting updates on wall and likes, Facebook allows every account holder to create a page or group which proves to be one of the best platforms to improve small businesses. An interesting fact is that Facebook plays a key role in inviting millions of consumers through advertisements on social media platforms like blogs and websites.


Setting up a Facebook Account
To begin with, create an Email account in Gmail or Yahoo through which you can register yourself on Facebook. Once you are done signing up, just create your profile and add a picture which should reflect the brand of the company or the product itself. Every profile owner should realize the vital fact that the account is purely for business needs and should never be used personally.

Adding People
This is the phase of socializing. If you are a first-timer, you might not find it easy to add people directly. Just synchronize with the mail account and then invite or request them to be friends with you on Facebook. That way, you can communicate with them, give a hint of what you are doing and why you want people to view the product.

Facebook Pages and Groups
Pages on Facebook are as good as the business pages you create and maintain in many other websites. The details that you post on the page will decide the amount of traffic that you can bring in. Post photographs of the product or the plan that you want to market so that people understand easily. Always make sure that pictorial representations are attractive and uncomplicated.
You can add people to groups where people can join and subscribe for updates about the product. Groups also have the capability of converting visits to customers. Most of the times, you can try conducting polls and quizzes.


Posting Information relevant to the Product
Each time you post something, be very sure that the content is one hundred percent relevant to the product and makes sense to your activities. Give links to the blog or website you own and link them through a pop-up message. In a blog or website you own, create a Facebook icon so that you can form a link to the page.

Facebook Ads & Custom Tabs
Create custom tabs which are similar to the Info Tab on Facebook profile. There are so many tools available online to create your tabs to welcome customers. You can design such tabs for information entry and contest signups. Remember, there is another official path to advertise. They are Facebook Ads. They come for a specific amount, and you should proclaim the offer price and the budget. Also, add images and attractive quotes with value. More than that, you can define the type of people you want as your audience. Retry campaigns on different methods where you get to target various classes of people. It can work wonderfully well but be concerned that the ads you post are worth the dollars you spend.

Go strong on the Brand
Be very sure that you stick to the same logo and theme involved. Never change the product’s look or the symbol. You should also understand that having a unique brand can reflect relevant customer leads. Use the Registered mark ® or the trademark ™ to establish the uniqueness.


Tip #1
Count the number of likes that you have on the Facebook page and take ample time to talk to each person who has given you a like about the product. Never converse in a tone that forces them to buy.

Tip #2
• Be active and answer questions.
• Take comments positively.
• Introduce interesting offers.
• Ensure that they share your content or page.
• Don’t spam peer marketers. Value them.