When you are the owner of a small business and you are looking for new ways to expand your audience and network of consumers, doing so is possible online with the use of a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress. WordPress is a free CMS available for personal and commercial websites and has many advantages and benefits that can help anyone to boost page views and followers online even with little or no experience with programming, coding and managing websites.

Why is WordPress Right for Businesses?
Small business websites can benefit greatly from WordPress as the system itself can be installed within minutes. WordPress allows users to easily manage and update content within an instant as opposed to manually hard-coding the web pages individually before publishing them live. WordPress is an entirely compact system that allows the owner of the website to log in to update and edit content within seconds, which can then be published live to the site within specific categories or sections depending on the user’s publishing preferences.

SEO Benefits
Using WordPress allows you to easily implement SEO, also known as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is, by default, integrated with all WordPress installations regardless of the additional work and effort you may put into the website yourself. With proper SEO implementation, it is possible to boost page views and visitors on your website once your site begins to appear in popular search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Using SEO is essential when you are running a small business website, and it is much easier with the installation of WordPress. WordPress also offers a variety of plugins and extensions that can be installed once you have properly configured the CMS to help with customizing your SEO preferences and specific keywords you would like to target online based on the products or services you have available to offer.

Layouts and Customization
Another great feature that is provided by WordPress is the ability to customize the layout and theme of the system to fit any style or look you have in mind for your small business. While there are thousands of templates and themes available to download and quickly install for your WordPress site, you can also take advantage of the open-source coding that is allowed if you have a specific style that is not a pre-made template you would like to use for your website. Customizing your website with WordPress is a way to integrate any branding and marketing preferences or plans you may already have in place with ease.

Communication and Plugins
Installing WordPress for a small business allows you to stay in touch with your visitors and those who enjoy reading your content updates. All WordPress installations allow commenting and interaction between the visitors and guests on the site. You can also choose to download a wide variety of third-party plugins and software that will allow you to integrate social media, commenting and even Flash-based slideshows or highlight reels to fit any type of content you are planning to publish on the site.

Easy Updates
Updating a website has never been simpler than with the WordPress CMS. Updating a website with WordPress can be done by specific authors (with set permissions) and the webmaster at any time, publishing the content directly to the website without having to code the update yourself. Updates are done via an administration panel which is included with all WordPress installations and can be accessed with your own personal username and password, which is set up and chosen during the initial installation. You can also save drafts and set specific categories or positions you would like various types of content to appear in for full custom control.