WordPress is the ideal software for powering new small business websites. The open source platform is capable of creating a functional and professional website with just a few hours work, and it has been developed specifically with SEO for small business in mind. Even better, it is completely free and requires very little technical knowledge to use.


A Small Budget Solution

The majority of new start-ups struggle with financial constraints and escalating expenses during the early months of business. The pricey fees of hiring a web developer can be difficult to accommodate, even for start-ups who recognize the importance of having a small business website for vital promotion and brand awareness. WordPress is an excellent solution for building websites because it costs absolutely nothing to use. The open source platform is free to install, and new start-ups with a strict budget can easily create a professional and effective website.


No Web Developers Needed!

It may seem like an obvious solution, but hiring a third-party web developer is not always the best path for new businesses. The price of hiring a professional to design and develop a website for a new business can be extortionate, and the time frame can easily snowball out of control. Most new businesses don’t know what they need, and it can take time as they try to decide exactly what they want their website to be for. The final price of paying an external web developer can be much higher than originally anticipated, so new small businesses are advised to do as much of the work themselves as possible. WordPress is easy to use and can be set up in minutes (many web hosts have WordPress pre-installed on new domains), and a WordPress powered website can act as a working prototype which new businesses can refine and change over time to suit their changing needs and requirements.


Extensions That Support Businesses

WordPress has an extensive library of plugins and themes which can be installed on any new website. Many of these extensions have been developed to improve the functionality and usability of business websites. The WP e-commerce plugin, for example, can quickly create an e-commerce shop with a shopping cart and checkout functions capable of processing transactions and payments. Typically, such features would require a professional web developer to code and integrate, but the WordPress library means that anyone can create a fully operating business website from scratch.


Easy To Add New Content

At its core, WordPress is a blogging platform. This means that it was developed to easily support the composing and publishing of new content without authors having to worry about coding in HTML or following style guidelines. Although the capabilities of WordPress have grown substantially as its plugin library has developed over the years, it is still one of the most efficient content management systems available. This means that small business websites can easily add new content whenever they want, and the simplicity of the WordPress interface means that the running of the website doesn’t have to be left in the hands of a pricey web developer or the most technical minded employee. Anyone familiar with a word processing GUI will be able to update their business website from a computer or mobile device with just a few clicks.


SEO Friendly

WordPress is the ideal solution for SEO for small business. The architecture of the content management system has been optimized so that new websites are easily found by search engine crawlers and trackers. Key SEO principles, like image optimization, meta tags, and page descriptions, are all easily maintained and edited using WordPress. There are also many plugins available that can greatly improve the SEO capabilities of small business websites powered by WordPress.

New start-ups eager to make an impression with their business website will benefit from the features offered by WordPress. A content management system is an excellent tool for new start-ups, and it can serve as an effective stepping stone until the business is successful enough to hire professional web developers and SEO experts who can improve and expand their website.